8 Of The Best Gaming And Movie Themed Ugly Christmas Sweaters


It’s that time of year again when we eat too much and drink too much. Yes, Christmas has come back around again as it always seems to, making us all spend too much money and regret so many choices by the New Year, but what if you had the perfect gaming or movie ugly sweater to help cheer things up a bit and get on people’s nerves over the holiday season?

Where would you find that, I hear you ask? Look no further as we have gone through all of the worst and most hideous Christmas sweaters throughout the world of gaming and movies, including Star Wars, Fallout, Marvel’s Thor, Super Mario, and much more so you don’t have to. So sit back and relax, and all you have to do is choose which one you’d like to pick up.


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Best Gaming Themed Ugly Sweaters

  • Numskull Unisex Official Fallout Vault Knitted Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Numskull Unisex Official Fallout Vault Knitted Ugly Christmas Sweater

    With the Fallout TV series coming next year, this ugly sweater might just make it past Christmas. Incorporating the Vault Dwellers shelter, make the holidays 2023 the most post-apocalyptic it can be. Prices on Amazon are between $34.99 – $54.99 depending on sizes so if you’re looking to eat a lot this Christmas, maybe go for the large.

  • Numskull Unisex Official Nintendo Super Mario Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Numskull Unisex Official Nintendo Super Mario Ugly Christmas Sweater

    If you are looking for the perfect sweater to attend your next “Ugly Christmas Jumper” party or you just want to annoy everyone at the dinner table, then look no further than this knitted Super Mario sweater featuring Mario, Luigi and Bowser.It’s also officially licensed, so you know you’re getting a great quality sweater, even if it is ugly.

  • Numskull Unisex Official Crash Bandicoot Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Numskull Unisex Official Crash Bandicoot Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Look like a right ‘Wumpa’ for the holidays and slip on this in-your-face Crash Bandicoot ugly sweater. If the stupid bandicoot face isn’t enough to lose friends and family members over the festive period, how about the cringe-worthy quote ‘All I Wumpa Christmas Is You’ to really seal the deal?It doesn’t matter what size you get either, as no matter if you are a small or a large, the sweater is priced at $29.99.

  • Ripple Junction Adult Unisex Big X Logo Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Ripple Junction Adult Unisex Big X Logo Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Call yourself an Xbox fan? Well, don’t bother if you’re not willing to throw on this horrible Christmas sweater that tells everyone how in love with the brand you truly are. Features the iconic X-Box logo across the front juxtaposed with a super festive pattern that includes snowflakes – if only they were big enough to hide the rest of the sweater!

Christmas is the time to settle down and play some of those games you haven’t been able to get stuck into earlier in the year. Massive backlog anyone? So why not pair your gaming downtime with the perfect ugly sweater to really get into the festive mood?

We have some great picks here, no matter what you’re into, and all at a decent price too, for all under $55 with most not going above $40. Whether you’re an Xbox fan, anticipating the new Fallout series as you play Fallout 4 or you just love some old-school Super Mario, these ugly festive delights are ripe for the picking.

Best Movie Themed Ugly Sweaters

  • Harry Potter Gryffindor Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Harry Potter Gryffindor Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Loud, brash, and very ugly, this Harry Potter Gryffindor sweater is the perfect pick-up for Potter heads who just can’t hide their love for the franchise, even over the festive period. Also, you’ll always be seen in the dark as the nights are now dark, so don’t worry about taking a torch if you’re out and about, as the yellow and red colors will stand out a mile.

  • Thor Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Thor Ugly Christmas Sweater

    This may be classed as an “ugly” sweater, and I guess that is somewhat true, but there’s something pretty cool about this Thor Christmas sweater.I’m not sure if it’s the mighty hammer taking center stage or the awesome face of Thor on the arm or the chaotic mashup of colors, but it is definitely one for the ultimate Marvel fan over the holidays.

  • Star Wars Baby Yoda Grogu Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Star Wars Baby Yoda Grogu Ugly Christmas Sweater

    There’s nothing quite like a baby Yoda Grogu to ring in the holidays and with this “ugly” Christmas sweater, you can carry him around with you no matter where you go – it’s also a great conversation starter with other Star Wars fans sitting around the dinner table or at parties.

  • Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza Ugly Christmas Sweater

    There has been much debate for years about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie, so why don’t you just end all the speculation this holiday season? Depending on how the conversations go around the Christmas table or at the family party, this ugly sweater may start some heated discussions. It comes in a variety of colors and also two alternate designs, making it an ideal gift for that Die Hard fan.

Just like gaming, the holidays is prime movie watching time when you can relax, put your feet up and enjoy lots of festive films. Of course, being comfortable, warm and incorporating the best ugly sweater you can find is also very important – even if it’s just to annoy everyone around you. Thankfully, the above list represents so many fandoms so you’re spoiled for choice about what one to buy whether you’re a Marvel fan or Star Wars fan, there’s a cozy jumper waiting.

If your Christmas needs a touch of fire, why not purchase the Die Hard ugly sweater and go around telling everyone loudly that it actually is a Christmas movie and watch the debate get heated. For under $60, choosing to wear one of the above sweaters will truly make your Christmas 2023 one to remember.

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