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In Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, completing the Deadly Hunt side quest by dealing with Hunter Bravo and hacking the RDA device inside the Thanator’s chest will trigger the Feral Hunter quest. It appears that there are more Thanators than just the one that the RDA messed with, and it’s up to you to find and eliminate them to bring this chapter to a close.


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Killing Hunter Bravo and hacking the device inside him will give you Access Code B. To complete the Feral Hunter mission, you need to get access to Access Code A and Access Code C as well and then take all three codes to the facility where you need to use them.

How To Get Access Code C

Access Code C can be found in the Kinglor Forest by completing the Severed Bonds side quest. To start the mission, scan Feral Viperwolves or Thanators, and your character will automatically call Hajir back at Resistance HQ and tell him about the animals without a ‘kuru.’

Hajir will call you back to HQ to discuss the issue in further detail. Hajir will guide you to a location where you can find Feral animals and task you with putting them out of their misery by mercy killing them.

The first time you complete this quest, you will only encounter Feral Viperwolves.To get Access Code C, you need to find Feral Thanators. The Severed Bonds mission is designed to be repeated as there are multiple groups of feral animals all across Pandora. Whenever you encounter a new group, the mission will trigger again.

You can find new groups to hunt down by talking to the Na’vi NPCs in various camps; some of them will have information about Ferals nearby. Once you find and kill a Feral Thanator during a Severed Bonds mission, scan his belly, and you should find Access Code C.


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How To Get Access Code A

location of research facility alpha marked on map in avatar frontiers of pandora

Access Code A is located at Research Station Alpha in the Clouded Forest (third main region), which is also the location where you need to use all the codes together to complete the mission. Research Station Alpha can be found directly in the middle of ‘The Cut’ area, which is in the southernmost part of the Clouded Forest (marked on the map).

entrance to research facility alpha in avatar frontiers of pandora

On one side of the building, you’ll find a breakable yellow grate (pictured above). Go through the gate and use the rope in the elevator shaft to the right to go down. There will be another grate on the floor leading to an elevator that’s locked from the inside.

Punch the red lock on the elevator to open the door and enter the main facility. Equip SID and look back at the elevator you just entered from. You’ll see a faulty node just above the door. Fix it with SID and move to the end of the tunnel. You’ll see some broken rubble you can peek through. There is a red fuse box on the other side of the rubble. Destroy it with an arrow.

Head back to the locked door and use SID to activate the node above the door. Then, do the same for the two faulty nodes in the yellow RDA boxes in the corner of the tunnel, and the locked door will open.

Head inside, and you’ll find yourself at a dead end. To open the next door, look back at the door you just entered from and activate the now-yellow node above it. This will lock the previous door and open the next one. This will lead you to the tunnel with the red fuse box. Move past it and look to the right, and you’ll find a vent with another breakable grate. Enter the vent and fall down to the level below you. This is the main facility.

Look for a door with a broken electrical panel next to it (it should be across the room and to the left). Fix the panel by interacting with it, and the door will open, leading to a lift tool that will take you up a level. Use SID to hack the computer terminal at the other end of this area. Make sure you have weapons and ammo ready because there is a fight with a Thanator just ahead.

After you hack the terminal, look behind you, and you’ll see a Feral Thanator behind the glass that’s now freed. This is the carrier of Access Code A. He’ll jump at you through the glass. Defeat him using your strongest weapons. After he dies, use SID on his body to get Access Code A.

How To Complete Feral Hunter

After getting all Access Codes, search the facility from top to bottom. There are three main labs here: A, B, and C. Each lab is marked with its name (Laboratory A, Laboratory B, Laboratory C) and has a container with a reward and an Audio Log of Hajir talking about experimenting on the Thanator. You’ll be able to hack each of the respective lab doors if you have the corresponding codes. If not, the terminals will not be interactable. Collect all three of the Audio Logs to complete the mission and put this matter to rest.

The rewards you get for completing this are:

If you don’t get Access Codes C or B, you won’t be able to open those labs and explore within. If you explore the facility before getting the Access Codes, Anqa will give you clues about where to find the other Codes over the radio.


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