Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Discovers Genius Way Of Keeping Karlach After Raiding Grove



  • A player in Baldur’s Gate 3 has found a way to prevent Karlach and Wyll from leaving the party by following a specific sequence of actions after raiding the Emerald Grove.
  • The workaround involves killing Karlach and Wyll in the camp, asking Withers to “take care of them,” recruiting Scratch, and petting Scratch to increase approval with Karlach and Wyll.
  • By resurrecting Karlach and Wyll and using other in-camp methods to raise their approval, players can keep them in the party along with another companion named Minthara. Additionally, there is a bug that allows players to keep both Minthara and Halsin in the party.

A Baldur’s Gate 3 player has uncovered a workaround for Karlach and Wyll leaving the party should the player choose the raid the Emerald Grove.

Normally, Karlach and Wyll will voice their extreme disapproval of the player’s actions and leave the party permanently. However, Reddit user UraGotJuice has discovered an interesting way of circumventing this.


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Toss a coin to your Tav.

After raiding the Grove, you’ll need to go back to camp and kill Karlach and Wyll. It’s a messy start to what could be lifelong friendships, but it has to be done. Then, you can ask Withers to “take care of them,” so their spirits linger in the camp when you leave.

The next step is to recruit Scratch, the loveable canine companion that can be found just outside the Blighted Village. Scratch will arrive at camp after a couple of long rests. Petting Scratch will net approval with Karlach and Wyll, bringing their approval beyond the rock bottom it was at after you callously slaughtered the innocent tieflings.

Baldur's Gate 3 Karlach

You can then resurrect the pair, and they’ll remain in the party, allowing you to have Karlach, Wyll and Minthara if you wish. In theory, you could use any in-camp method to raise the approval of your temporarily deceased companions, preventing them from leaving.

Commenters in the thread have also pointed out bugged sequencing where you can keep both Minthara and Halsin in your party. You can steal Silvanus’ Idol to trigger the slaughter of the Grove, go back and tell Minthara you’ve initiated this atrocity, rescue Halsin from the Worg Pens, tell him you’ll save the Grove, allow time for the druids to finish killing the tieflings and then long rest.

You’ll then be able to romance Minthara while having Halsin in your camp. Wyll and Karlach will also remain at full reputation. As this sequence is a bug, there are no coded interactions between Halsin and Minthara.

As we all eagerly await the imminent release of Patch 5, I’m ready to slot Minthara and Halsin into my party. We don’t talk, we just get things done.


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