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BENGALURU: Tennis elbow, a condition that affects a muscle attachment at the elbow is common among many, including celebrated cricketer Sachin Tendulkar

What is tennis elbow?
It is a condition which affects a muscle attachment at the elbow.

Which muscle is commonly affected?
It affects the extensor carpi radialis brevis.

What are the common symptoms of tennis elbow?
Usually, patients present with pain, and some people complain of radiation of similar pain to the shoulder and also after rest. Sometimes this can be confused for symptoms arising from the shoulder too. Adequate clinical examination by your doctor will help in diagnosing accurately. Some patient also complains of weak grip strength.

Whom does it commonly affect?
As the name suggests, it is common in people who play a lot of backend in tennis and badminton. This is very common in India who do a lot of repetitive movements, such as kneading flour and other activities. This can be prevented by doing such repetitive actions.

Can I prevent tennis elbow?
Yes, it can be prevented. If you play carefully while playing tennis or badminton. Certain repetitive moments, which increase the friction and tear at muscle insertion, need to be avoided.

How is it treated?
The main line treatment for tennis elbow is exercise. Physiotherapy, such as IFT and ultrasound can also help in relieving the pain. However, exercise only increases the stretching of this ECRB muscle at its insertion point. If the first step fails, an injection of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) at the point of ECRB insertion is recommended. There are various elbow bands with magnetic therapy, which also help in relieving the pain. Extensive research has shown that exercise alone can help. If both the above modalities fail, then your doctor may suggest that you undergo a small surgical procedure to remove the dead and necrotic tissue at the muscle insertion.

Does diet have any impact on tennis elbow?
No. Diet does not have any impact, but repetitive movements and not adequately resting without exercise will worsen the situation. A large study done in the western population showed some correlation between vitamin D deficiency and tennis elbow. Hence, checking vitamin D levels would be appropriate.

Do any Ayurvedic medications help with tennis elbow?
There is some evidence that turmeric ingredients help relieve inflammation.

(The writer is HOD – trauma & orthopedics, bone & joint surgery Fortis Hospital, Richmond Road)

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