Every Gesture Secret In The Game


Collecting every gesture in Lies of P can be quite the challenge. This guide covers how to unlock each and every one.

Gesture and emotes have been around in the best Soulslike games since the genre first erupted onto the scene with Demon’s Souls, and this includes Lies of P. This is the newest entry into this subset of games, and while it has taken the gaming world by storm, it still has some things that players are having difficulty finding.


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There are a lot of reasons that players would want to find and unlock every gesture in the game, including the ability to unlock the Learning about Emotions achievement/trophy. This requires unlocking every single gesture in the game, and though there aren’t a ton to find, there are some that can be tricky to find out if you don’t know what you are doing or looking for.

Lies of P

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Every Gesture & How To Unlock

Lies Of P Dark Setting With Pinocchio Holding Weapon

In total, there are 17 Gestures that you can unlock in the game, and while there are some that can be unlocked at any time during the game, there are also a handful that can be completely missed if you aren’t ready to look out for them.

To see what each one is, as well as where in the game they can be unlocked, along with how to unlock them, you can check out the following table.

Gesture Name

Gesture Location

How To Unlock Gesture


Hotel Krat

During the game’s story, you will reach a point where Hotel Krat has been attacked. When you head there, you will find everyone sheltered in Geppetto’s office. Speak with Antonia here to unlock this emote.


Grand Exhibition Conference Room

Give Gold Coin Fruit to the Red Fox and Black Cat at the Grand Exhibition.

Check Ground

Krat Central Station

Unlocked at the beginning of the game.


Hotel Krat

Bring the Portrait of a Boy to Geppetto at Hotel Krat to get this Gesture.


Ascension Bridge

When you meet Sophia’s real body after defeating Laxasia The Complete, choose the “Give her peace” option.


Venigni Works Control Room

Speak with Venigni near the Venigni Works Control Room in Stargazer.


Hotel Krat

Give the cure to Antonia, after you have defeated the Champion Victor boss, and after a cutscene, you will unlock this Gesture.


Arche Abbey Outer Wall

After first encountering Test Subject 326 at the Arche Abbey Outer Wall, you will unlock this Gesture.


St. Frangelico Cathedral Library

When receiving Cecile’s Written Confession, after finishing Sister Cecile’s quest, open up the confession and go to the last page to unlock this Gesture.


Elysion Boulevard Entrance

Find the Frozen Man’s Letter on the covered sofa in the last building before Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard. Open the letter and go to the last page to unlock.


Grand Exhibition Gallery

You will get the Saintess of Mercy Statue Gallery Key from Simon Manus after defeating the Champion Victor. Head to the greenhouse area before the boss room, and unlock the door using this key. You will unlock this Gesture once you have entered the room.


Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert

When approaching the end of the Julian the Gentleman quest, choose the “I saw the message she left, saying she loves you.”

Show Off Clothes

Hotel Krat

Speak to Antonia after reaching Hotel Krat for the first time.


Krat Central Station

Unlocked from the beginning of the game.

Stalker’s Promise

Workshop Union Culvert

Unlocked once you beat the Survivor boss.


Hotel Krat

Speak with Venigni after defeating the King’s Flame, Fuoco boss. During the conversation, choose the “About Pulcinella” option.


Malum District Town Hall

Unlocked after defeating the The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss.


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