Halo’s New Lead Game Designer Is “Giving The Covenant Back Their Bomb” Within An Upcoming Project



  • Fans use mods to revive Halo Infinite and Starfield engagement.
  • Halo community discusses Unreal Engine 5 multiplayer maps for Halo 7.
  • New lead game designer Dan Gniady joins 343 Industries, sparking speculation on Halo franchise’s future.

The Halo franchise has become rather stale in the eyes of the player base, with little to keep engagement high. That’s why several fans have turned to mods to keep the peace (and justify keeping the game installed) and they believe this is something that’s reviving not only Halo Infinite, alongside the recent wave of COD Zombies mode, but Starfield as well.

Looking to the future, the Halo community was also discussing what Halo 7 multiplayer maps would look like when built in Unreal Engine 5. Despite the Xbox Games Showcase revealing a new Gears of War project and many other exciting titles, 343 Industries has also been hiring a handful of new team members to secure Halo’s future.


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Halo’s New Lead Game Designer Shows Exciting Promise

Gaming reporter and content creator, Rebs Gaming, recently posted a third update on YouTube as part of their Halo 7 development update series. The video discussed the hiring of a new lead game designer, a user experience job listing, and new evidence that confirms Halo is moving to Unreal Engine 5 software.

In addition to the latest update on YouTube, the creator also shared news of the new lead game designer on X. Former gameplay designer for Bungie and former lead gameplay designer at Creative Assembly, Dan Gniady confirmed on LinkedIn that he was starting a new position as “Lead Game Designer” at 343 Industries. Within the announcement post, Dan also shared “After speaking with a ton of cool teams about rad projects I’m getting a shot to work with the Chief and friends. I love Halo and am very excited to be a part of adding to its legacy.”

Rebs Gaming also noted that Gniady added a comment to his experience post on his present position, saying “Doing game direction on a Halo experience. Giving the Covenant back their bomb.” Fans were happy to see “solid info and not pure speculation” come to light, and others stated this message was “reassuring”.

The Halo community was also stirred to discuss what the upcoming Halo experience could be. One fan noted that the quote Gniady used was specifically from Halo 2, as one of the most memorable quotes of the game, suggesting a remake could be on the way. More players thought it could be a Halo: Combat Evolved remake or an entire rebirth of the franchise.

343 certainly has a few exciting projects in the pipeline that will hopefully rejuvenate the popular shooter and its fanbase.


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