Handy Minecraft Trick Lets Players Turn Any Block Into A Slab Without Mods



  • The recently added tick command in Minecraft can be used to turn almost any block into a slab.
  • This trick requires the game’s tick speed to stay at 0, making it more useful for scene creation than survival worlds.
  • By adjusting the tick speed, players can manipulate various elements in the game, opening up endless creative possibilities.

A Minecraft player has discovered a way to use the game’s recently added ‘tick’ command to turn almost any block into a slab. Unfortunately, the trick requires the game’s tick speed to stay at 0, which makes this more useful for scene creation over a standard survival world.

The /tick command was added to the game last month as part of Minecraft’s 23W43A snapshot, along with new copper blocks, bug fixes, and general quality-of-life improvements. For those unaware, Minecraft’s in-game time is referred to as ‘ticks’. For each real-life second, Minecraft has 20 ticks. By adjusting the game’s tick speed, players can manipulate a magnitude of different elements.


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The command can be used by simply typing /tick, followed by various other words that each do different things. For example, the command ‘/tick freeze’ will completely freeze Minecraft (apart from the player). It opens up an endless amount of possibilities for players looking to get creative or maybe just do some testing on their mob farms.

However, one user has realized that due to the tick rate of pistons, almost any block can be turned into a slab thanks to the new tick command. Reddit user FreeToaster_127 took to the Minecraft subreddit this week to share their discovery, saying, “With the new /tick command you can now make slabs out of any block, this is because pistons take 2 game ticks to react.” The user also noted that the trick seems to work better when the piston is retracting, as opposed to expanding, as the latter appears to create some form of lighting issues.

Although the user didn’t detail how to achieve this trick, it seems as though it can be accomplished simply by placing blocks on top of pistons, enabling all of the pistons with Redstone, freezing time with the tick command, and then slowing the tick speed down when retracting the pistons before finally freezing the game again at the correct point.

As we mentioned previously, this isn’t a practical trick to use in survival worlds, as the tick speed needs to stay at 0 for the desired effect. But, for those looking to make an epic creation, this could come in extremely useful.


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November 18, 2011



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