How To Find Memory Substrate


Memory Substrate is unique crafting material players will need when researching new projects for their outpost in Starfield; here’s where to find it.

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One major component of Starfield is its in-depth crafting system. This system will have players finding all sorts of resources and using them to research new projects, which then turn into unique upgrades to spacesuits and weapons or new modules for an outpost.


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To fully utilize the crafting system in the game and get all of its upgrades, players will need to explore the galaxy, finding the rarest of materials. Memory Substrates are one of these incredibly rare materials players won’t easily come across.

Updated by Cristian Macias on January 2, 2024: This guide has been updated to include a video version (featured above.)

Where To Buy Memory Substrates

Starfield Jemison Mercantile-3

Memory Substrates are a rare crafting material but can still be bought at a few stores. Due to its rarity, it won’t always be in stock and may require players to wait a few days for the merchant’s stock to refresh before selling some. Some of the stores that rotate Memory Substrates are:


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Where To Farm Memory Substrates

Bel II On The Galaxy & System Map

Memory Substrates can be farmed by a specific creature found in the galaxy. Players will need to head to the Bel system, in the far right section of the galaxy map. Players should land on Bel II, the second planet from the sun. This planet has a recommended level of 55, but most of the wildlife on the planet shouldn’t pose too much of a threat. This planet also has a high gravity, along with an overall hostile environment.

On the surface, players will need to look to the skies for Drone Filterers, a local wildlife and source of Memory Substrates. These creatures fly high up in the air, and it’s oftentimes easier to spot them by looking through the scanner as it will highlight them. Once they are found, these creatures are incredibly weak and pose no threat, being easily killed and farmed for Memory Substrates for however many the player needs.


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