Is My Boyfriend Controlling? Quiz


Caring or controlling? It’s easy to mistake one for the other in relationships, but there’s a crucial difference – one makes you feel loved, and the other, scared. Enter the “Is My Boyfriend Controlling? Quiz,” a valuable tool for self-reflection designed to enhance your understanding of your boyfriend’s actions. Crafted by a psychologist with experience as a relationships counselor, this quiz aims to help you identify telltale signs of controlling behavior.

In relationships, control issues can subtly creep in, often going unnoticed. It may start with seemingly harmless small things that, when viewed individually, seem innocent but collectively raise a major red flag.

Consider a common scenario: when your boyfriend asks for your location. If it’s rooted in genuine concern for your safety or planning check-ins, that’s positive. However, if he’s constantly demanding your location, checking up on you excessively, and bombarding you with too many questions, it could be a sign of control.

This example illustrates physical control, but there are other types as well. Emotional and psychological control often accompany physical control, but they can be trickier to identify. For instance, emotional control may manifest as manipulative behaviors that subtly undermine your confidence, leading you to constantly crave his approval.

The quiz consists of eight straightforward questions, each prompting reflection on different aspects of your relationship. So, find a quiet corner, answer honestly, and let the quiz address the questions buzzing around in your mind: “Is my boyfriend manipulative?” “Is he controlling?”

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