New Steam RPG Blade Prince Academy Launches In Spring 2024



  • Blade Prince Academy is a tactical RPG with real-time combat and pauseable action, featuring three playable characters: Phoebos, O’ren, and Diamante.
  • Phoebos has flaming dash attacks and sword skills, O’ren is a ranged character with a rifle and grenades, and Diamante is an ice-based mage with crowd control abilities.
  • Players utilize combo attacks, build relationships between characters, and navigate talent trees.

A fresh trailer has recently dropped for French publisher Firesquid’s latest outing, a tactical RPG called Blade Prince Academy, featuring real-time combat that lets the player pause the action to issue commands to their individual units. The trailer showcases a fantasy world with anime-inspired art and shows off three main characters (all of whom will be playable), Phoebos, O’ren, and Diamante.

“The Wonder Child”, as the trailer refers to him, Phoebus sports a shock of spiky blue hair and two golden horns. He can be seen throughout the trailer performing several flaming dash attacks and also seems to possess sword skills, laying out a devastating AoE attack on foes.

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O’ren, a humanoid, dog-like creature, is clearly more of a ranged character, as his moniker “The Deadly Sniper” should make obvious. In addition to firing bullets from his rifle and lobbing grenades, he can also be seen making targeted attacks on a collection of barrels, which explode into a green mist.


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Lastly, Diamante “The Elemental Mage” appears as a blue-skinned and white-haired young woman. As her appearance would imply, most of the skills she’s seen using seem to be ice-based in nature, with both damage and crowd control in mind, although her nickname could indicate that she can cast attack spells from other elements as well.

You can find the trailer below:

According to a release from the publisher, the three characters (who are all referred to as Blade Princes) will be defending the fantasy city known as Abjectalia. The release also states that the characters will be able to pool their efforts into devastating combo attacks. But the gameplay doesn’t just involve in-battle strategy, as players will also need to build up relationships between their characters if they want to complete missions successfully, as well as navigating each character’s talent tree.

This will be the first outing for developer Angel Corp. Publisher Firesquid is best known for its tactical sci-fi military game USC: Counterforce and fantasy strategy game Great Houses of Calderia.

Successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign, Blade Prince Academy currently has a launch window of Spring 2024 and is set to release exclusively for PC via Steam.

Blade Prince Academy

Angel Corp

Spring 2024

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