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Fed up of dull skin, I recently tried BiE’s Superpower Eternal Youth Cream. A buttery-soft moisturiser, it promises to deeply nourish the skin. The cream with the goodness of almond and saffron claims to reduce fine lines and make the skin supple and smooth.

Repeated use over a week resulted in increased hydration for the skin, lending a glow to my face and visibly reducing pigmentation. A small amount is all you need to spread evenly on the face. I would advise using it as a night cream too as it doesn’t sit heavy on the skin and is the perfect barrier to fight the AC dryness.

Also, use it as a cuticle cream for the lovely aroma that lingers on your fingers. It’s effective as a base for foundation too, making the makeup effortlessly slide over the face without appearing patchy. A word of advice though—the product is not for those with acne-prone skin as the heat generated by the ingredients can result in breakouts.                      

Superpower Eternal Youth Cream Price: Rs 2,999

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