This viral song by an Indian-American singer portrays a dream wedding in Kerala


A still from Shubha Mangalyam… YouTube video song by Vidya Vox on weddings in Kerala.

A three-language romantic video song by renowned Indian-American singer Vidya Vox on weddings in Kerala has garnered over a million views on YouTube, highlighting the State’s appeal as an ideal destination for weddings and honeymooners. The three-and-a-half-minute Shubha Mangalyamvideo song, featuring lyrics in English, Hindi and Malayalam, portrays a non-Malayali couple celebrating their wedding in Kerala and enjoying the picturesque charm of the State.

Vidya completed this lilting music track — a unique mash-up of Western pop with Indian classical — in collaboration with Kerala Tourism this mid-summer. The song has garnered positive responses from viewers, effectively earning a global appeal about ‘God’s Own Country’ as a desirable wedding destination.

A still from Shubha Mangalyam... YouTube video song by Vidya Vox on weddings in Kerala.

A still from Shubha Mangalyam… YouTube video song by Vidya Vox on weddings in Kerala.

Shot across south-central Kerala’s scenic landscapes of Alappuzha backwaters, Wagamon hills and Marari beach, Shubha Mangalyam… has achieved over 10 lakh views on YouTube in just two months, thanks also to its catchy melody and spectacular visuals. Comments show the viewers’ admiration for Kerala’s natural beauty as well as its suitability as a wedding destination.

Shubha Mangalyam…, which has garnered popularity across other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, continues to trend. It also serves as a tool that promotes the charm of Kerala across the globe.

The video comes just eight months after Travel + Leisure India & South Asia magazine declared Kerala as the best wedding destination. The choice was on the basis of a poll by the magazine’s readers from various tourist destinations in India. Last year, Kerala Tourism organised a publicity campaign at airports and on social media platforms to promote the State as an ideal tourism destination. The campaigns have buttressed the trend of choosing the State as a preferred wedding destination.

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