Vibe guide: Celina Rodriguez shares gift inspiration, favorite designers and 2024 goals


Celina wears Sami Miro Vintage top, Red September pants, Naked Wolfe shoes, Serpenti earrings, Chrome Hearts necklace, Androhmeda cross charm necklace (in hand), Gucci rings.

(Jennelle Fong and Yasara Gunawardena / For The Times)

You know a Celina Rodriguez joint when you see it. The creative director brings a dreamy, close-read quality to her collaborations with Trippie Redd, Amber Liu or Lauren Jauregui, letting us into the worlds of these artists through a wash of warm intimacy. There is a knowing quality to Rodriguez’s creative direction, a familiarity that fellow L.A. natives will pick up on with a quickness — whether it’s her work on the Adidas Forum rerelease with JD Sports US that featured Jose Polio standing among a row of iconic palm trees cloaked in that L.A. light, or a memorable September Born X Raised campaign that captured fresh-faced models in fitted caps and oversize sweats in front of soft, hazy backdrops that evoked tropical vacations. Rodriguez’s ability to connect with the familiar while flipping expectations and leaning into contrast is the thing the world can’t look away from.

A self-described sentimental Cancer sun, Rodriguez is letting her inner-child lead the way in terms of inspiration this season. And if you really want to show her love, you’ll cook her a homemade meal or share your energy.

Name, occupation, neighborhood: Celina Rodriguez, creative director, Los Angeles.

My mantra for the end of the year is: EARN YOUR KEEP.

The gift I would buy myself that coincides with my astrological sign: As a Cancer sun, I can never have enough books, candles or vinyls.

The L.A. designer/brand I rocked the most this year: I mostly wear vintage pieces/band merch. However, I do wear a lot of the Incorporated.

The clothing item/outfit in my closet I consider high art: An authentic vintage Doors/Jim Morrison shirt I found in a random bin at a thrift shop.

My L.A. happy place: The Observatory.

The thing that’s been sitting in my online shopping cart for months: Nothing; I don’t shop online.

One of my prized possessions I’m regifting this season: I have a pretty large postcard collection that dates from the ‘20s [through] the ‘60s, and I love gifting them to people for birthdays, holidays, etc. They all mean so much to me, but it means even more when I want to share them with the people I care for.

The best way to show me love this season: Cook for me! I’m very sentimental. A home-cooked meal and shared energy mean so much to me.

Celina Rodriguez squats, wearing a gray suit.

You know a Celina Rodriguez joint when you see it. The creative director brings a dreamy, close-read quality to her work with artists like Trippie Redd, Amber Liu and Lauren Jauregui.

(Jennelle Fong and Yasara Gunawardena / For The Times)

The zine/book/item on my coffee table that I want people to see: My Teen Angels collection.

I will never stop rocking my sneakers. I’ll forever be a sneakerhead.

The cause or organization I’m supporting right now: FREE PALESTINE!!! UNTIL IT’S BACKWARDS!!!

“All Eyez On Me” by Tupac is the energy I’m on creatively right now.

I’m manifesting a shoot in 2024 with Stüssy.

The place I’m eating nonstop in L.A. for the rest of the year: Cha Cha Chicken! Iykyk.

The person, place, or thing inspiring me the most lately: My inner child. I’ve realized a lot this year that I’m really living the life I manifested as a child. Collaging magazine tear-outs and crafts on my walls as a child isn’t that separate from my process of writing treatments or making decks now. I’m really inspired by the things I loved then and allowing myself to re-experience them now.

Celina Rodriguez wears a gray suit, a red circle in the background.

A self-described sentimental Cancer sun, Celina is letting her inner-child lead the way in terms of inspiration this season.

(Jennelle Fong and Yasara Gunawardena / For The Times)

The color I’m dreaming in/obsessed with this week: My obsessions with colors tend to last for a while, so currently, it’s yellow.

The 2023 drop I missed that still haunts me: Nothing. I haven’t been very impressed with the drops of 2023.

For the rest of 2023, I’ll be smelling like: ABUNDANCE!

Celina Rodriguez

Makeup: Carla Perez
Hair: Belen Gomez
Styling Assistants: Stacey Barton, Karina Boylan, Annunziata Santelli

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