Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader – Best Arch-Militant Build


Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader gives players all sorts of Archetypes to choose from both for their own character and the many companions they’ll meet along the way. Archetypes act as this game’s classes, deciding what your character is best at and how they act in combat.


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After filling out the circle of a character’s starting Archetype, players will be able to choose a tier 2 Archetype based on what their first one was. The Arch-Militant is a tier 2 Archetype and is incredibly powerful when used right; here’s the best build for it.

Origin & Starting Archetype

The Soldier Archetype In The Menu

The Origin for an Arch-Militant is mostly up to what sounds best to the player, as no single origin excels at boosting the abilities of the Arch-Militant. That being said, the best starting Archetype for an Arch-Militant is Soldier, simply for their Run and Gun ability, whose benefits will be fully explained a bit later on.

Characteristics To Focus On

The Ballistic Skill Of A Character

The most important part for an Arch-Militant is their Versatility, which is also the name for their Keystone Feature. Because of the need to use various weapons and attacks, players will need to invest heavily in the Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, and Strength of their character. Weapon and Ballistic skills will make sure that attacks hit, and the bonus is received before moving on to their best weapon.

After focusing on those two characteristics, next focus on Strength to make sure melee weapons deal damage when used. Even if they are not the main weapon for the character, melee weapons will need to be swung at least twice, so making sure they deal more damage than usual is always a plus.


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The Loadout

A Shotgun In A Character's Loadout

The best and most optimal loadout for an Arch-Militant is a pistol that has single and burst fire and a melee weapon that has strike and sweep in the first loadout. After that, the second loadout should be a gun that deals area damage, such as a shotgun or flamer. A loadout following these guidelines will make it easy to get all the buffs from the Versatility feature.

How To Play An Arch-Militant

A Character Using A Melee Attack In Combat

The key to playing an Arch-Militant is getting the full benefits from Versatility as quickly as possible. To do this, simply attack with both your melee weapon and pistol, with each attack to land hits with all four attack types. After that, switch to the area of effect weapon and land a hit with that, before then going to whatever playstyle the player wants, as they will now be much stronger than they were at the start of the battle.

While that is a total of 5 attacks, players can utilize the Run and Gun ability from the Soldier Archetype to double up on some turns, along with utilizing an Officer to use more attacks in a turn to get the necessary buffs quickly. After the buff is fully obtained, players can focus solely on whatever weapon they have that’s is best, as the benefits stay for the rest of the battle.


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