Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader – Does Hendrix Rejoin The Party


Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader will have players finding various companions and having them join the Rogue Trader on their journey through the stars. As companions join, players will get full customization over that character, being able to invest time and gear into making that character as strong as possible.


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Upon reaching Chapter 2 and approaching Footfall, Hendrix will approach the Rogue Trader and say that we will be leaving once they reach Footfall. Upon landing, Hendrix will leave, becoming fully unavailable and removed from all menus, but is there a way to make him rejoin?

Does Hendrix Rejoin The Party

The Liege Of Footfall

Luckily, Hendrix’s departure from the Rogue Trader is only temporary, with him rejoining the party after the first main mission is completed on Footfall. Upon landing, there will be a combat encounter, with players then needing to find the Liege at his Estate to progress the story. There will be one more combat encounter and the conversation with the Liege before players can return to their Voidship.

After the final conversation with Vladaym Tocara, head back to Void Dock Alpha-Rho and back to the ship that takes you to your Voidship. Standing before the ship will be Hendrix, who is here to rejoin the Rogue Trader and stay with them for good.


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How Powerful Is Hendrix

Hendrix Using A Force Weapon

It’s good that Hendrix’s departure is short-lived, as he is a very powerful character in your party. Hendrix’s starting Archetype is a Warrior, with him also being a Sanctioned Psyker. This allows players to use a companions whose a Dogmatic Psyker for gameplay or roleplay purposes.

Being a warrior and Psyker, Hendrix can use powerful Force Weapons, which can deal more damage than regular melee weapons with the right upgrades and talents. Hendrix is a strong frontline option for battle and should be utilized in just about any party.


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