What To Do If You Suspect Your Husband Is Cheating But Have No Proof


“I suspect my husband is cheating but I have no proof.” This is admittedly a terrible state to be in. On the one hand, you have a bad feeling your husband is cheating that you can’t shake off. On the other, you have to keep up appearances to avoid hurting his feelings if your suspicions are unfounded, or worse, have your worst fears invalidated with labels of insecurity or paranoia.

If you’ve already broached this topic with him and he’s denied it outright, then gone on the defensive, accusing you of having trust issues and playing the victim, or if your suspicions have become a source of chronic conflict in the relationship, your worries have likely exacerbated. That niggling feeling of being cheated on could be coupled with self-doubt that leaves you wondering, “Is my husband cheating on me or am I paranoid?”

Well, first things first, if you have a bad feeling your husband is cheating that you can’t shake off, then he likely is. But since you only have a gut feeling he’s cheating, no proof, navigating this journey from suspicion to confirmation can be tricky. Allow us to help you wade through these murky waters.

How To Tell Your Husband Is Cheating — Without Concrete Proof 

“I think my husband is cheating but he denies it.” “I suspect my husband is cheating but I have no proof.” “Is my husband cheating on me or am I paranoid?” All of these conundrums arise from your gut instincts or intuition telling you that your life partner isn’t being faithful. Too often we ignore or suppress this tiny voice in our heads, in the name of overthinking or just because we’re too scared of what will happen if our worst fears come true.

But we ask you to not be too quick to dismiss this voice. Research indicates that intuition is more than a feeling. It is “unconscious information in our body or brain to help guide us through life”. So, if you suspect cheating in your marriage, it could be because your body and unconscious mind are picking up on subtle hints that your conscious mind hasn’t been able to comprehend. After all, signs of infidelity are rarely as on the nose as lipstick stains and another woman’s perfume on your man’s shirt.

In fact, physical signs your husband is cheating can be hard to come by because unless he wants to get caught or no longer cares about the future of his marriage, he will go the extra mile to cover his tracks. The key to discovering infidelity could be paying attention to the subtle signs your husband is cheating that your body and mind could already be picking up on:

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1. Pay attention to any subtle changes in his behavior

“I suspect my husband is cheating but I have no proof. What do I do?” Start with the basics. Since you’re married to him and share a life together, it’s safe to assume that you know your husband well. So, if he isn’t being himself, it won’t be hard for you to notice signs of unusual/strange behavior.

  • Is he being secretive?
  • Do his responses seem vague?
  • Does he seem generally ill at ease in his own home?
  • Do you think he is more stressed than usual?
  • Does he no longer connect with you the way an intimate partner should?
  • Does he shy away from spending time with you even when he is home?
  • Does he have sudden mood swings with no identifiable triggers?

If you’ve answered in the affirmative to most of these questions, it’s no wonder you have a bad feeling your husband is cheating. A cheating husband is likely to exhibit these signs because balancing two relationships, two partners, and constantly trying to cover one’s tracks can get emotionally and mentally taxing.

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2. Has his attitude toward you changed?

Another tell-tale indicator of your husband’s cheating could be a change in his attitude toward you. He may be more irritable, short, and even mean in his interactions with you. If there are no other stressors in his life that you’re aware of and this behavior is out of character for him, it could be one of the signs of infidelity.

His attitude toward you could have changed because of either of the following reasons or even a mix of the two:

  • Cheating guilt: The guilt of cheating on you is eating him up on the inside. When he is with you, these feelings get heightened manifold, making him lash out
  • Changing feelings: The presence of another woman in his life sucked him into the comparison trap. He measures everything you do vis-à-vis the other woman in his life, and since that connection has an element of novelty and excitement to it, you tend to come up short in his eyes. Not to mention, his feelings for his affair partner may have affected the way he feels about you

3. Confide in trusted friends and family

One way to navigate the gut feeling he’s cheating no proof situation that you find yourself in is to see if others around you have had similar suspicions. But tread cautiously, and take this recourse only — and only — if you have friends or family members you trust implicitly. If so, talk to the people closest to you, share your concerns and feelings, and ask them if they too suspect your partner of cheating. They may be able to offer some insights that can help you assess whether your instincts are on point.

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4. Access his phone and computer

Sneaking around your husband’s back and violating his privacy is not ideal, we know. In a healthy relationship, both partners must respect each other’s personal space and boundaries. But given that you’re consumed by thoughts like “I think my husband is cheating but he denies it” or “I suspect my husband is cheating but I have no proof”, you’re past that point. At this juncture, uncovering the truth is paramount.

His devices may hold proof of his transgressions

So, look for an opportune moment to go through his phone, computer, and other electronic devices to look for proof that your husband’s cheating on you. Now, be warned,

  • If he is, in fact, cheating, he may be so overprotective of his devices that you may have a hard time getting your hands on them
  • Or, he may be extra careful in wiping his devices clean before coming home
  • He may have two phones, different email addresses, and so on to keep his transgressions as far removed from his life with you as possible
  • Or he could be using cheating spouse text message codes to converse with his affair partner, which means you can miss the evidence even if it’s right in front of your eyes

While it can be a huge relief if you don’t find evidence of infidelity in your husband’s phone, don’t treat it as definitive proof that he isn’t cheating and let your guard down. It could just be a well-thought-out smokescreen to throw you off his scent.

5. Notice if his body language is shifty

If you look in the right places, you may stumble upon physical signs your husband is cheating on you. And no, we don’t mean lipstick marks on his shirt, a love bite on his chest, or the scent of another woman on his body. We’re talking about physical signs he may display if he feels guilty about betraying your trust.

Start paying closer attention to your spouse’s body language. It’s the easiest way to catch a cheating partner because he is likely to exhibit some tell-tale signs of nervousness and act shifty. For example, he may

  • Avoid eye contact, especially when answering questions about his whereabouts
  • Act fidgety on certain days
  • Get shifty and uneasy if you ever ask to borrow his phone
  • Overact during conversations in a bid to cover up his nervousness
  • Steer clear of making any physical contact with you

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6. See if there is a pattern to the changes in his schedule

You’re saying, I suspect my husband is cheating but I have no proof. Now, these suspicions wouldn’t have arisen out of thin air, right? There must have been changes in your partner’s behavior and habits that fanned this fear inside of you. One of the most common signs that gets people to suspect cheating in their relationships is too many late nights at work or too many work trips.

Here is the clincher: If your husband is, in fact, working late because the workload has piled up, he’d be home late every night. But if it is only happening some nights a week or month, that’s an oddity, for sure. And one you must pay attention to.

If he works late only on Wednesdays, has to go to work on alternate Saturdays, or has sudden week trips coming up once a month or every few weeks, notice if there is a pattern to it. He may well be using the oldest trick in the cheaters’ playbook to make room for his transgressions.

7. Is he in a relationship with his phone?

While we’re all guilty of overindulging in our devices, it’s a possible warning sign if your husband has started spending all his free time glued to his phone. Perhaps,

  • He spends double the time on the toilet now
  • Takes longer showers
  • Prefers to sit on the balcony or the porch with his phone and a cup of coffee while you’re in the kitchen, helping the kids with homework, or even relaxing on the couch and watching TV
  • Even if he is in the same room as you, he sits with his body angled away from you and his head buried in his phone
  • At night, he waits for you to fall asleep, and then rolls over and gets busy with his phone until the wee hours of the morning

If your husband’s phone has become more important to him than you, this technoference could be an indicator that he may be cheating. It is, in fact, the person on the other end who has become so important to him that he’d rather be connected to her virtually than work on building upon his connection with you.

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8. Track his social media activity and history

If you keep asking yourself, “Is my husband cheating on me or am I paranoid?”, going over his social media activity with a fine-tooth comb to see how he spends his time online may help you find the answer. Find a way to access your husband’s social media accounts, and check for,

  • Unfamiliar accounts he may be interacting with a lot — DMs, responding to stories, likes, comments
  • Profiles or names that appear repeatedly in his search history
  • Alternative accounts set up with the sole intent of carrying out an affair or a string of short-term extramarital liaisons

In this technology-driven age, your husband doesn’t even need to step out of the comfort of your home to cheat on you. The rising incidence of online affairs is proof that he may have a full-blown parallel relationship — or several short-term affairs — entirely in the virtual realm. He could be sexting using cheating spouse text message codes, exchanging nudes, and indulging in steamy video sex while sitting across from you.

9. Does he seem emotionally distant and withdrawn?

If there is someone else in your husband’s life, it’s only natural that he won’t be 100% invested in the marriage. Even if he has no plans to leave, the other relationship will impede his ability to give his all to nurturing his bond with you. As a result, you may feel that your husband is emotionally distant and withdrawn.

  • He may no longer want to spend time with you
  • Those late-night conversations about everything and nothing seem to have become a thing of the past
  • You never know what’s on his mind
  • Even when he is with you physically, you feel like he has checked out emotionally and mentally

These changes in his behavior could well have been what led you to think, “I suspect my husband is cheating but I have no proof.”

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10. Have you noticed any changes in your sex life?

When emotional intimacy in a relationship takes a hit, sexual intimacy follows. You may not have enough evidence to prove your partner’s infidelity, but perhaps, the changes in your sex life for no apparent reason have given rise to your gut feeling that something is amiss. Your suspicions of possible infidelity aren’t unfounded if your husband,

  • Displays an unusually high sex drive
  • Or shows little or no interest in sex
  • Feels distant and aloof even in your intimate moments, as if in his mind, he is sharing this experience with someone else
  • Interacts with your body differently. For instance, you may notice he has a few new moves in bed (which he may inadvertently keep trying with you even if you don’t particularly enjoy them) or a sudden penchant for certain kinks, positions, tempo, and so on

11. If your husband is being too nice, it could be because he is being unfaithful

Have a gut feeling he’s cheating no proof? Think long and hard, is it because your husband is being too good to be true? In the past, he was his flawed, annoying, charming, lovable, and most importantly, authentic self with you. There were quirks and habits that drove you up the wall but there was also just so much you loved about him.

Somewhere along the way, this dynamic changed. Now, you notice your husband is being too nice all the time but somehow, it feels disingenuous. That’s probably because it is. This overly nice behavior, aimed at mitigating any arguments and keeping from discovering infidelity in your marriage, could be a result of him feeling guilty about his unfaithfulness. Or perhaps, just a ploy to avoid getting caught. Whatever his motivation, such a marked departure from one’s inherent personality is reason enough for you to suspect cheating in your marriage.

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12. Trust your gut instincts

Having picked up on the changes in your husband’s behavior, both subtle and drastic, you may have shared your concerns with him. In the absence of any solid proof to back it up, chances are your husband dismissed these off-hand. To make sure you don’t follow up on these suspicions, he may have even (or may still be),

  • Resorted to emotional manipulation through love-bombing, expensive gifts, lavish holidays, and other grand gestures showing how much he loves you
  • Gaslighted you with statements like, “Why do you always overthink things”, “It’s all a figment of your imagination”, “Your insecurities are ruining our relationship”
  • Acted defensively, making you feel like a horrible person for doubting him

Despite all his tactics, you can’t shake off the thought, “I think my husband is cheating but he denies it.” That’s because, on some level, you already know it to be the truth. So, trust your gut instinct and don’t silence that voice of caution in your head.

13. Follow the trail of suspicion

The behavioral signs of cheating are all there. You’ve decided to listen to your intuition on the matter and get to the bottom of it. The question is, how? Simply follow the trail of suspicion and see where it leads you.

For example, say while sneakily checking your partner’s phone, you come across a chat with a contact saved as a coworker’s name but the context of the conversation seems too casual for a professional interaction. Make a note of the number. If possible, try to find out who the number belongs to. If not, check your husband’s phone again to see if that chat has been deleted. Or the contact name changed. That’s a definite red flag.

Likewise, if you do come to notice a pattern to your partner’s prolonged absence on the pretext of work or travel, go through your bank statements to see if any unusual expenditures during those dates pop out. Sooner or later, you will find something tangible to confirm your suspicion.

Dealing With Insecurity

I Suspect My Husband Is Cheating But I Have No Proof — What To Do

If you suspect cheating on your husband’s part, paying attention to the above-mentioned signs will help you either confirm or dismiss those suspicions. If none of the signs align and you’re convinced that your worries were unfounded, good for you. Your marriage isn’t in the troubled waters you thought it was, however, it can still help to explore where your trust issues are stemming from and work on them.

However, if you do find these signs relatable, it can only exacerbate your “I suspect my husband is cheating but I have no proof. What do I do?” worry. Your first instinct may be to confront your husband, but in the absence of solid proof, that isn’t going to yield any results. Your husband will just deny it and that will be that. So, what can you do? Here are five actionable tips on dealing with the dark cloud of infidelity hanging over your marriage:

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1. Gather concrete evidence of his transgressions

The first order of business is to gather concrete evidence that your husband is cheating so that he can no longer deny the truth or gaslight you into thinking you’re crazy to even imagine such a thing. And how do you gather evidence?

  • Scour through his cell phone and go through text messages, call logs, contacts, and images in the gallery to see if something tangible pops out. If your husband is adept at covering his tracks, you may have to do it over and over again, till you find something
  • Go over his itemized phone bill to see if there are any numbers that are frequently contacted, and if you find something, run it through his phone to see if you get a hit
  • Check his computer for hidden or discreetly kept folders that may carry evidence of his infidelity — pictures and videos, for instance
  • Go over his credit card and bank statements for expenditures like lunches and dinners, hotel room payments, and expensive gifts, and see if these match with the days he has been away from home
  • Check his email for any bookings
  • Track his GPS history to see if there are places he visits regularly that you don’t know about and again, if these visits coincide with his absence from home under the pretext of work or travel
  • Track his browser history for evidence
  • You can even consider installing spy apps on your husband’s phone so that any and all proof you need is delivered to you without you having to do all this snooping around
  • If all of this virtual sleuthing yields nothing, you can even consider hiring a private investigator to track your husband’s movements and gather evidence of his affairs

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2. Take the time to process the information

Even though you have suspected your husband of cheating for some time now, having your worst fears come true can’t be easy. Any concrete proof that your life partner has been betraying your trust can hit you like a ton of bricks. So, take the time and space to process this information instead of letting your emotions control your reaction and going in all guns blazing.

Easier said than done, we know. But a confrontation about infidelity is going to shake up your marriage and your world as you know it. The more in control of your emotions you are, the more in control of the conversation you can be.

have a bad feeling your husband is cheating
Having your worst fears come true can be a serious blow to your emotional health

3. Have THE conversation with your husband

Once you have had some time to deal with the inner emotional turmoil, sit your husband down and present the evidence you have gathered. Give him a chance to say his side of the story, and frame your responses based on what he has to say. But play out the different scenarios in your head, and decide how you’d want to respond if,

  • He gets defensive
  • He comes up with excuses for cheating on you
  • He is overly apologetic, begs for forgiveness, and asks for a second chance
  • He blames you for his transgressions
  • He continues to deny it and gaslights you

His response will also give you clarity on how you want to handle the situation from here on out and the fate of your marriage.

4. Prioritize self-care

Irrespective of the nature and length of the infidelity, irrespective of how your husband responds, this won’t be an easy time for you. To be able to navigate it, you need to prioritize self-care. Yes, the future of your marriage and where you go from here will weigh on your mind, but even so, make a conscious effort to take steps to care for your emotional well-being.

  • Practice mindfulness exercises
  • Try journaling
  • Lean on trusted friends and family members for support

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5. Seek professional help

Should you forgive your cheating husband or end the marriage? If you choose to forgive, how do you reconcile after infidelity? If you choose to walk out, where do you begin to gather the pieces of your life and broken heart and start afresh? What about the emotional and financial toll of divorce? How do you find your way through a life imploding in front of your eyes?

Clearly, you have a lot of decisions to make. That too in an already battered emotional state. It can help to seek professional help to make sense of this confounding situation and decide what it is you truly want and equip yourself with the necessary tools to take that journey. A skilled therapist can be a source of immense support during this time. If you’re looking for help, trained and experienced counselors on Bonobology’s panel are here for you.

Key Pointers

  • Signs of infidelity aren’t always obvious, especially in this tech-driven age where cheating is easier than ever before, but if your gut instinct is telling you your husband is being disloyal, pay heed
  • Changes in his behavior and attitude to shift body language, sudden change his routines, being emotionally distant, unhealthy dependence on his phone and gadgets, sudden variations in sex life could be some of the signs your husband is cheating
  • If do spot these signs, work on gathering solid evidence of his transgression
  • Confront him and see where you want to do from here
  • As you grapple with this emotional hurricane, don’t forget to prioritize self-care and seek necessary help

Infidelity can be a devastating blow to a marriage. If you’re reeling under suspicions your husband is cheating, trying to silence that voice won’t do you or your marriage any good. So, follow the trail of suspicion, see where it leads you, and no matter what you discover, know that you’ve got it in you to make it through.

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