Where To Find The Astral Lounge


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Starfield has many major cities for players to find, each full of NPCs to interact with and stores to buy unique items from. While the main story can have players going in and out of these unique locations, the missions usually won’t show players all a location has to offer.


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The Astral Lounge is one of these locations players will visit during the main story and will only get to see a bit of all it has to offer. The Astral Lounge isn’t just Starfield’s flashiest location, but it’s also the location where players can buy a special and illegal substance.

Where To Find The Astral Lounge

The Location Of Neon In The Galaxy & System Map

The Astal Lounge is found in the city of Neon. Neon is located in the Volii system, found towards the middle bottom of the galaxy, just down and to the right of Olympus. This system has a recommended level of 5 and is owned by the Freestar Collective. Within the system, Neon is the only landable location on the second planet from the sun, Volii Alpha.

Once you have landed, go through security and ride the elevator into the actual city. Take a right out of the elevator and make your way to the far end of the street, looking for Trade Tower that will also have a few smaller signs beneath it, one of which being Astral Lounge. Head inside and up the staircase along the backside of the room to enter.


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What’s In The Astral Lounge

The Bartender In Astral Lounge

The Astal Lounge is Starfield’s flashiest club that does have two other noteworthy aspects players should check out while visiting. Talking to the bartender in the back, players will be able to purchase the Penthouse in Neon, the most expensive apartment players can purchase at 235,000 credits. At this bar, players can also purchase the unique consumable Aurora.

Aurora is illegal in all places except Neon and is even labeled as Contraband. This item can be used to slow time for 10 seconds, letting players act with seemingly incredible speed during combat when needed. This material is illegal and will get the player arrested if taken to another city without the proper precautions taken first.


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