10 Best Filler Arcs, Ranked



  • Some filler arcs in One Piece offer hidden treasures of character development and unique storylines worth watching.
  • Examples of filler arcs worth your attention include the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, Loguetown Arc, and Warship Island Arc.
  • These arcs provide additional insights into beloved characters and showcase their secret lives away from the main plot.

One Piece is a great voyage spanning over a thousand episodes and still sailing strong after more than 26 years. Each week’s new episode drop adds to the evergoing enduring charm of the series. Yet, amidst this ocean of content, not every wave adds to the main story’s current. Many of those arcs that add to the joyous journey of One Piece are the filler arcs, those side jaunts that some fans opt to skip. However, there are indeed some filler arcs that are worth your attention for delivering some of the best moments in the series.


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These fillers might not be cannonballs, but they offer glimpses into our beloved characters’ secret lives away from the main plot’s spotlight. Think of them as hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Granted, we’re not suggesting a full-on binge of every filler arc – your time’s too precious for that. However, there are a few gems gleaming amidst the sand. These arcs unveil new facets of your favorite characters and trust us, they’re worth your attention.

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10 Post-Enies Lobby Arc

It Was Revealed That Blackbeard Was Responsible For Shank’s Three Scars

Post Enies Lobby Arc

What makes the Post-Enies Lobby Arc special?

  • Garp’s true identity is revealed alongside his surname.
  • Thousand Sunny was built by Franky and the Galley-La Company.

Spanning 13 episodes from episodes 313 to 325, Post-Enies Lobby is the seventeenth arc of the series. It is also known as the Second Water 7 Arc and Return to Water 7 Arc. After the daring adventure at Enies Lobby, the Straw Hats sail back to Water 7. Galley-La’s fixing up the city, and Franky has a crazy idea to turn it into a ship. Stolen money arrives, and Franky invests in a mythical Treasure Tree ship.

In the meantime, Vice Admiral Garp crashes in, waking up Luffy with a punch. Turns out he’s Luffy’s grandpa, after which they clash and share some wild stories. Koby and Helmeppo, now Marines, also show up, and Koby invites Luffy to the legendary New World. Meanwhile, in the New World, Shanks and Whitebeard’s reunion gets intense.

9 Loguetown Arc

The First Arc To Have More Episodes In Anime Than The Manga Chapters

Loguetown Arc

What makes the Loguetown Arc special?

  • One of the shortest arcs of the manga.
  • A Giant was seen for the first time in the series.

Next, we have the Loguetown Arc, a captivating stopover before the Straw Hats set sail for the Grand Line. Luffy’s fiery glee over his whopping Beli 30,000,000 bounty sets the stage, while Nami’s caution adds a twist. Here, where Gold Roger’s legend echoes, the crew stocks up, unaware of the surprises awaiting.

Buggy and Alvida come back, making things exciting. On the other hand, Zoro meets Tashigi unexpectedly, which makes things even more interesting. Meanwhile, lightning sets Luffy free in a thrilling twist, just like Gold Roger did in the past. The entrance of the enigmatic Dragon adds spice to the story that fans won’t want to miss.

8 Warship Island Arc

The First Filler Arc Of The Series

Warship Island Arc

What makes the Warship Island Arc special?

  • This arc is not based on the content of the manga.
  • Warship Island Arc was initially decided to be covered as a film.

Warship Island was the first filler arc of One Piece that ran for a total of 8 episodes, from episodes 54 to 61. To this date, it remains one of the most loved filler arcs of the series. The Warship Island Arc adds an intriguing twist to the One Piece saga. The Marines chase Apis for a special elixir, sparking curiosity. Meanwhile, Straw Hats’ involvement brings adventure, from navigating the Calm Belt to facing sea kings.


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On Warship Island, Apis’ unique powers and the mythical Sennenryu steal the show. Amid Marine pursuits, hidden motives, and a quest for the Sennenryu’s home, the arc’s mystery and character development make it an absorbing story within the saga.

7 Ruluka Island Arc

Last One Piece Arc To Be Dubbed By 4Kids

Ruluka Island Arc

What makes the Ruluka Island Arc special?

  • The character of Lake was given an Australian accent.
  • The name Wrecker’s Reef was given to Ape’s Concert.

Released in 2003 in Japan and running for only 5 episodes, Ruluka Island is the 4th filler arc of the series. The Ruluka Arc is a hidden gem for fans to uncover. Going Merry escapes towards Ruluka Island, a place burdened by a dictatorial regime and the enigma of the Rainbow Mist. As the crew goes through this mysterious phenomenon, they stumble upon trapped children, and a bizarre ship falls from the sky.

This unique filler arc adds additional fun to the story and showcases the Going Merry’s resilience. Being the last dubbed arc by 4Kids makes it even more memorable. The blend of adventure, mystery, and unexpected twists makes the Ruluka Arc a must-watch, showcasing the Straw Hats’ spirit amidst a sea of uncertainties.

6 Ocean’s Dream Arc

The Story Of This Arc Is Based On A One Piece Video Game

Ocean Dream Arc One Piece

What Makes the Ocean’s Dream Arc Special?

  • The crew lost their memories due to a hypnotic seahorse’s influence.
  • Luffy’s determination to ride the seahorse enables him to reclaim everyone’s memories.

Despite running for only five episodes, the Ocean’s Dream Arc in One Piece delivers an engrossing tale. The Straw Hat Pirates find themselves ensnared in memory loss, leading to a journey of rediscovery and adventure. The mysterious boy wielding a seahorse-like instrument adds a special twist.

With hypnotic tricks, beloved memories, and battles against foes resurfacing, this arc showcases the crew’s unity. The concept of memory manipulation and the ultimate showdown with the seahorse make it a loving arc that One Piece fans would love to watch despite being a filler.

5 Post-Arabasta Arc

Comprises Of standalone Episodes

Post Arabasta Arc

What makes the Post-Arabasta Arc special?

  • Sanji imparts curry-cooking skills to Tajio, aiding him in impressing Marine officers.
  • No episodes were there for Luffy and Robin.

The Post-Arabasta Arc, spanning five captivating, stand-alone episodes, dives deeper into the histories and aspirations of the Straw Hat Pirates. Each episode presents a unique story, drawing us closer to the crew’s individual journeys. From Chopper’s poignant memories of his first patient to Nami’s determined mapping endeavor and Sanji’s culinary expertise, these tales offer a delightful insight into their characters.

Exploring the personal moments of the characters, this arc not only entertains but also provides a wonderful opportunity for viewers to forge a deeper connection with the beloved Straw Hat Crew. As we witness their individual tales unfold, we gain a profound appreciation for the characters that make up this extraordinary crew.

4 G-8 Arc

Longest Running Filler Arc Of The Series

G 8 One Piece best filler arcs ranked

What makes the G-8 Arc special?

  • It was initially decided to be a theatrical film.
  • Chopper was mistaken for good luck tanuki, adding comical twists.

The G-8 Arc brings the Straw Hat Pirates to a marine base by accident, sparking an exciting series of events. Through clever disguises, strategic maneuvers, and teamwork, the crew’s personalities shine brightly. As the longest filler arc with 11 episodes, it’s a unique adventure, showcasing Eiichiro Oda’s brilliant storytelling that could even make the filler episodes fun to watch.


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This arc is a must-watch for all One Piece fans, offering a perfect blend of excitement, humor, and character growth in a single package. Notably, it’s the fifth filler arc in the series, and Konosuke Uda revealed that the story for the G8 filler arc was originally considered for a movie.

3 Boss Luffy Historical Special

Comprises Of Stand-Alone Episodes

Boss Luffy Historical Special

What makes the Boss Luffy Historical Special special?

  • Episode 406 of the arc was the last episode where the preview was given by a character within the series.
  • The singer of Crazy Rainbow, Tackey, and Tsuba, made a cameo in episode 303.

Step into the zany world of the Boss Luffy Arc, where One Piece characters trade their pirate hats for 19th-century Japanese vibes! This anime-only special spans multiple episodes and is packed with more fun than a barrel of Buggy’s noses. Get ready to see Luffy as a secret policeman with a money challenge, Nami and Sanji running a restaurant, and Zoro moonlighting as a Buddhist monk.

With Buggy’s clowning around, mistaken identities, and a treasure-stealing festival, this arc with multiple episodes got the laughs, action, and cherry blossoms you didn’t know you needed to get away from the seriousness of finding One Piece for some time.

2 Marine Rookie Arc

Luffy And His Friends Infiltrate A Marine Base Intentionally

Marine Rookie Arc

What makes the Marine Rookie Arc Special?

  • Garp and Koby made their first appearance post-time skip.
  • Bonhan revealed his Rokushiki fighting style.

Here, fans will witness the Straw Hat Crew infiltrating the Marine Base once again, this time for a food heist that’s more chaotic than ever. In the Sanji Retrieval Team’s quest for sustenance, they stumble upon Fron Island, where mayhem ensues as they clash with overpowered Marine rookie Grount, who’s not just bringing the heat but also an arm that’s monstrous enough to rival Luffy’s appetite.

Quirky battles take place, new alliances are seen, and with a showdown that shakes the coast, this hilarious arc is a must-watch for its absurdity. And don’t forget the antics of Nami and Carrot, whose electric moves light up the screen almost as much as Luffy’s showdown with Grount.

1 Uta’s Past Arc

Luffy Sang His Moron Song To Uta

Uta Past Arc One Piece

What makes the Uta’s Past Arc special?

  • This arc reveals the youngest Luffy throughout the series.
  • One of the few arcs to show Luffy without his scar below his eye.

Spanning only two episodes, Uta’s Past Arc may be short, but its impact is profound. Even for those who primarily follow the Canon story, this is a filler arc that should be high on your viewing list. Unveiling the backstory of Uta and her association with a young Luffy and the Red Hair Pirates, this arc manages to pack a poignant punch.

From Uta’s dream of a harmonious world to the mysterious departure that shaped her and Luffy’s paths, these episodes bring depth to beloved characters. And as Uta’s enchanting melody is explored across the past and present, this journey becomes

forgettable part of One Piece lore.

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