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BENGALURU:  I come across the most stunning women, perfectly done makeup, not a hair out of place, conscientious about their bag and clothing coordination but many a time once you look at their feet, they look like a national disaster!

Our feet take the burden of our daily lives. Just as we need to keep our face and hair nourished, we also need to keep our feet moisturised. A pedicure twice a month is a must, especially if you are wearing open sandals. Dead skin build up and dryness lead to cracked heels. Make this foot soak to soften the skin on the heels. 

Warm soapy water : 1 tub
Seed oil: 100ml
A handful of marbles
Full-fat milk: 500ml
A handful of rose petals
A handful of fresh margosa/neem leaves
Geranium oil: 5 drops
Sandalwood oil: 5 drops
Wheat germ oil: 2tsp

Soak your feet in this water for 20 minutes and pat dry. Use a pumice stone to dislodge dead skin on the heels.

Make the following scrub and scrub your feet daily.

Many years ago I treated a client with a simple formula of natural goodness.

Oil your feet at night with a mixture of the following-

Castor oil: 2tsp
Olive oil: 2tsp
Almond oil: 2tsp

Wash your feet with the oatmeal and salt scrub and use a pumice stone gently on the feet. Massage these oils into the feet(this should be done at night).

Now, smear Vaseline into the cracks of your feet, and see that it is absorbed into them very well.

Melt a candle in a saucepan on a gentle flame. Use a flat brush and carefully apply it to the skin. Let this cool and dry. Wear cotton socks and cover. Leave overnight. Peel off the next morning.

A 5-minute routine you can do is to dip lemon halves in sugar and scrub on the heels until all the granules have melted into the skin. Let it dry and wash off and pat dry.

Most people do not realise that a home pedicure will also work miracles for cracked heels and if you suffer from this, gear yourself with the following:

Two large towels 
Nail brush and nail file
Pumice stone 
Loofah and buffer
Essential oil of ylang ylang: 5 drops
Warm soapy water
Full fat warm milk: 500ml
Olive oil: 20ml 
Nourishing cream

File nails and soak in warm tub of water and milk and add essential oils and olive oil. Brush nails and clean them well using a pumice stone, scrub heels until soft and smooth.

With a sponge,  apply nourishing tub water to the legs upto the knees and on the top and soles of the feet.

Pat dry and massage with a nourishing cream and wipe dry. Buff the nails until smooth and shiny and your feet will be ready to dance!

Sea Salt & Oatmeal Scrub
Oatmeal: 1cup
Almond oil: 100ml
Sea salt: 100gms
Honey: 100gms
Rice powder: 100gms
Juniper oil: 10drops
Peppermint oil: 10drops

Suparna trikha
The columnist is a beauty and nature care expert

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