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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can explain workplace wellbeing. Presented in the shape of a pyramid, physiological needs, followed by safety, form the base.

Psychological needs occupy the mid-levels. The developmental psychology model has individualism at the top—self-actualisation leading to transcendence.  


Physical Health and Comforts
● A connection to nature matters
● Comfort level is important
● Activity defines the day
● Lead a healthy lifestyle
● The more active the workday, the better the wellbeing


Security, Safety and Stability
● Design the workplace to suit you
● Keep toxicity at bay
● Make sure your personal information is secure
● Financial security is paramount
● Make sure that work-life conflict is minimised


Relationships and Connections
● Don’t create walls around you, allow people to reach you
● Community relationships make a difference
● Look beyond what surrounds you
● Friends can be the support systems
● Inclusion is the need of the day


Self-worth and Respect
● The workplace should be about creating rapport and trust
● Avoid feelings of inferiority
● Stress on personal growth
● Inculcate appreciation
● Go by the feedback

Self – Actualization

Purpose and Meaning
● Don’t give others agency over yourself
● Encourage self-awareness
● Aim to fulfill potential

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