Bluey Is The Perfect Game To Show Kids How To Game



  • Bluey The Videogame is a perfect introduction to gaming for first-time players, with clear instructions and gentle guidance.
  • The game includes mini-games to help new players learn controls without the added confusion of in-game rules.
  • The game successfully recreates the world of Bluey and encourages players to explore and collect rewards while teaching valuable gaming skills.

The television show Bluey has spread in popularity not just across multiple age groups, but even across multiple countries because of its masterful balance between entertainment and education. With that in mind, it came to no surprise to me that Bluey The Videogame created a gaming experience perfect for first-time gamers. Want to get your kids into gaming? Bluey’s perfect for giving an intro into how modern games work that makes for a better start than plonking them down with Mario.

Whether Bluey is your child’s first video game, or you’re a parent who’s never touched a controller but wants to play along, or if you’re a fan of the show that wants to give gaming a go, Bluey The Videogame is expertly crafted to show new players the ropes of the video game world.

Listen to Mum

The first episode of the game, titled “Holiday,” is a great introduction to how games work, using both visual and auditory instructions so players are never left confused.

Like any good teacher, Bluey The Videogame patiently repeats the goals of the game with gentle guidance and narration.

As you roam around Bluey’s house to retrieve all of the zoo stuffed animals left over from Bingo and Bluey’s last playtime, you will immediately notice a speech bubble above the character you’ve chosen to play as (Bluey, Bingo, Mum, or Dad). These bubbles not only show the right buttons to use on the console controllers, but include an image of what is going to visually happen on screen when you complete that action, making for a very clear tutorial. These speech bubbles never go away, and they always appear whenever there is an opportunity to pick something up, slide down a staircase railing, or when you want to get fancy with dress- up.

The game also continues to teach players about controls through minigames. By using minigames such as “Keepy Uppy” or “Floor Is Lava”, the devs have essentially eliminated a common confusion for first-time gamers: trying to juggle in-game rules with controller instructions. Since kids will know the rules behind games such as “Floor is Lava” already (and if they don’t, teach them!), they can focus on getting the hang of the controls. The game even throws in a practice round when you first unlock it for good measure.


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Like any good teacher, Bluey The Videogame patiently repeats the goals of the game with gentle guidance and narration, thanks to the voice talents of Melanie Zanetti, who continues her role as Chilli the Mum from the TV series. The most successful children’s shows never talk down to the children watching, and the same principle has been applied here. Instead of just placing a repeating instructional message on the screen, when you get sidetracked or stuck on what to do next, the calming voice of Mum will remind you of the task with dialogue as witty and parental as the show’s writing.

Educational Exploration


As you play, no matter the setting across the four different episodes, there is always a directional arrow to follow on-screen with a picture of the level’s goal, which may be anything from a runaway Chattermax toy you need to chase down, to a climbable item that you need to move. This arrow can be seen through walls, and follows you in every direction. Combining this with an invisible fence to stop players from roaming too far makes getting lost impossible, and prepares you for other games later down the line where that directional arrow becomes part of a grand map, which is common in many open-world games.

The game made the big claim that Bluey The Videogame would make players feel like they were really in the world of Bluey, and as a fan of the series myself, I think they achieved this. Not only that, but by having the option to collect stickers all across the different settings, you learn that revisiting a game level, while turning over every rock, usually leads to valuable rewards. A great lesson for those who’ll eventually go on to play more mainstream open-world games, with all the collectables and secrets that they hold.


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Whether you’re bouncing on the trampoline in the backyard of Bluey’s house or looking for stickers at the playground, Bluey The Videogame is an assuredly fun time. It gives players a chance to create their own Heeler-style family game night memories, all the while teaching new gaming skills.


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