Destiny 2: Every Dungeon, Ranked


Dungeons are another pinnacle endgame activity of Destiny 2, similar to Raids and Grandmaster Nightfalls, but unlike Raids, dungeons require 3 players instead of 6 and are actually solo-able. With the release of the first dungeon, Shattered Throne, in the Forsaken expansion, 6 dungeons have been released, the last having released during Season of the Seraph.


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Dungeons are usually comprised of three encounters and mostly follow the same mechanic. They are short, easy to understand, and require less communication and focus than raids. Dungeons also have their own triumphs and a special emblem for completing them solo without dying.

Updated by Mehrdad Khayyat on July 4, 2024: Added a new entry, Warlord’s Ruin.

8 Shattered Throne

Shattered Throne

Scale and aesthetic-wise, Shattered Throne is absolutely unmatched. The first dungeon released with Forsaken makes players traverse the ascendant plane and kill the daughter of Savathun, one of the most interesting characters of Destiny 2. Shattered Throne is absolutely massive and actually offers more free space than even some raids. Its aesthetics are also unmatched, with a sense of mystery and thrill at every step.

The thing that holds Shattered Throne down is its lack of unique loot. It offers the same Dreaming City weapons, which kills the replayability of this dungeon massively. It does offer an exotic quest, which is certainly challenging, but once you have completed it, there is no reason for you to come back into this dungeon. The mechanics of Shattered Throne are also extremely simple, and the dungeon is no challenge at all if you are able to stay alive. The boss also has ridiculously low health, which makes the fight quite mundane and boring.

7 Pit Of Heresy

Pit of Heresy

Pit of heresy is Destiny 2’s second dungeon, released with the Shadowkeep expansion. Pit of Heresy is one of the most unique dungeons in the game, being the only hive-themed dungeon. This dungeon offers different mechanics that are rarely seen in a dungeon. The scale and aesthetics of Pit of Heresy are also amazing. Though not on the same level as Shattered Throne, it is able to hold its own. The final boss is extremely well-designed, and the encounters are engaging and fun.


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Similar to Shattered Throne, this dungeon suffers from the lack of exciting loot; the only dungeon-exclusive weapon is Premonition, a high-impact pulse rifle whose drop rate is extremely low. The final boss does drop high-stat armor, but the overall lack of loot really hurts the replayability of this dungeon.

6 Grasp Of Avarice

Grasp of Avarice

Released with the Bungie 30th Anniversary, during Season of the Lost, this dungeon started the system of releasing a new dungeon every two seasons. Grasp of Avarice received a lot of hype and love from the community when it was released. The pirate theme, the story behind Destiny’s infamous loot cave, the lore of Wilhelm-7’s fireteam, and the return of Destiny’s most legendary (well, exotic) weapon, Gjallarhorn, really contributed to the excitement for the release of this dungeon. The weapons of this dungeon also featured a bunch of returning fan favorites.

The mechanics and the encounters of Grasp of Avarice really seemed interesting at first. The pirate traps hidden in the dungeon and the sparrow racing part were enjoyable and unique. However, the encounters and the mechanics grew tedious quickly, with the second encounter of this dungeon honestly being the worst encounter in the game. The same mechanic with absolutely no change in the encounters makes it a boring experience after the first few runs.

5 Spire Of The Watcher

Spire of the Watcher

Spire of the Watcher is the latest dungeon in Destiny 2, released in Season of the Seraph. The one thing that was absolutely clear from the start was that the armor pieces looked amazing. The cowboy theme of the armor and weapons single-handedly elevates the dungeon to a high rating. This dungeon introduced two new frames of weapons (Aggressive Frame Scout Rifle and Double Fire Grenade Launcher). The mechanics of Spire of the Watcher are basically connecting the dots. Being short and easy, they reward skilled players with quick playthroughs. The mechanic is repetitive, but with how fast it can be done, it does not become tedious.


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The boss fights, and the aesthetic of this dungeon are not that great. The boss fights have extremely short DPS phases, forcing any casual player to do at least two phases of each boss fight. This is extremely annoying, and a small mistake can increase that up to four phases. The cowboy armor and loot may be great, but the aesthetic and environment of this dungeon are probably the worst of the lot.

4 Prophecy


Prophecy is an all-around great dungeon released in Season of Arrivals, containing the mechanics of Destiny’s most hated game mode, Gambit. But that did not stop Prophecy from being one of the best dungeons in the game. The theme and aesthetics of this dungeon are spot on. It is a vibrant, exciting, and thrilling experience. The Rainbow Road is one of the most beautiful, calming, intense, and nail-biting experiences.

It is also the only dungeon in the game that got a loot refresh with Season of the Lost, further adding to the replayability of the dungeon. The loot itself is pretty solid, with every weapon being a viable long-term option. The first and the final encounters are fast-paced and thrilling, whilst the second encounter is the complete opposite, making the dungeon all the better.

3 Ghosts Of The Deep

Destiny 2 Ghost of the Deep

Ghosts of the Deep was released in Season of the Deep and takes place in Titan’s archive facility, which players have been requesting to visit for a long time. Ghosts of the Deep is aesthetically one of the most pleasing dungeons. Most of the dungeon takes place underwater and is unlike any other dungeon. The jumping puzzle might be long, but it is one of the most immersive experiences in the game.

Ghosts of the Deep has great loot. It introduced a brand-new weapon sub-family as well as the first-ever Stasis wave-frame special Grenade Launcher. The bosses of Ghosts of the Deep are quite difficult to manage as they have a lot of health, making the solo experience miserable for a lot of players. Boss’ health is the only thing affecting the replayability of this dungeon, but other than that, it is an extremely solid dungeon and a great experience.

2 Duality


Duality is a perfect dungeon; it is what a dungeon should be in Destiny 2. It offers amazing mechanics and environments, interesting lore, breathtaking views, incredible weapons, and just the right amount of difficulty. Released in Season of the Haunted, Duality had a rough start due to certain bugs. However, with some key patch updates, it has now become an amazing dungeon experience. The aesthetics and environment of this dungeon are unique and are something never seen before in Destiny 2. The lore is captivating, and the dungeon contains some of the best legendary weapons in the game.

The mechanics of this dungeon are extremely fun and satisfying if executed perfectly. The dungeon is also challenging with high enemy density, and it makes for one of the most rewarding and challenging solo flawless dungeon experiences. Some people might have a bad taste for it due to its early bugs, but it is still no doubt still the best dungeon in Destiny 2.

1 Warlord’s Ruin

Warlord Ruin Destiny 2

It’s hard to believe that anything could beat Duality, but when Bungie first teased Warlord’s Ruin little did we know about this magnificent journey. The first thing that makes this dungeon such an excellent journey is its setting. Warlord’s Ruin does not trap you inside a vessel or a colossal building, but instead, it lets you climb up a mountain as you make progress.

The game features a good balance of puzzles, but the prison puzzle is one that you would love to solve on your own. The platforming sections as you reach the top of the mountain let you feel the progression, and when you reach the peak, you have an interesting boss to deal with, and a sneaky hidden mechanic to discover.


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