Picture this – you’re sitting alone, replaying memories of your past relationship like a movie. You’re left in a confused emotional state and you’re not quite sure if your ex still has feelings for you or if it’s time to move on. It’s a scenario most of us have faced, and it’s especially painful if it’s your first serious heartbreak. “Am I over my ex?” is a thought pretty much all of us have had after a breakup.

Feelings don’t develop overnight, and they don’t disappear instantly after a breakup either – for both the person who broke up and the one who was broken up with. So, you definitely are not the first person to wonder, “Does my ex still love me?” “Does my ex miss me?” This is where our quiz comes to the rescue!

Dhriti Bhavsar, the brain behind this quiz, understands the intricate dance of emotions after a breakup. As a relationship counselor armed with a master’s degree in psychology, she knows the ropes when it comes to matters of the heart. Through 10 simple questions, this quiz aims to reveal whether your ex is still in love, stringing you along, or if you’re simply mistaken, and they’ve moved on.

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