Escape From The Endless Voyage Walkthrough


After giving the ECS Constant a Grav Drive, players will be able to help Janet Yang get off the ship in Starfield.

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Starfield’s massive galaxy is full of NPCs for players to meet and help, each with their own story and troubles. The ECS Constant was a ship that utilized older space travel tech and has been lost in space for hundreds of years after leaving Earth.


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After the player finds the ships and gives them a Grav drive to explore the galaxy, one passenger on board will still not be satisfied. Janet Yang will insist on getting off the ship, but the captain has thus far refused her request, and that’s where the player comes in.

Beginning Escape The Endless Void

Janet Yang & Escape The Endless Void Quest Menu

Janet Yang is one of the passengers aboard the ECS Constant and currently works in the green room. This quest can only be started after players help the ECS Constant and give it a Grav Drive for it to find another planet to inhabit. After that, this ship can be at one of many different locations, but it’s best to first check the orbit over Paradiso first. After talking to Janet and hearing about her desire to leave, players will officially begin the quest.


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Completing Escape The Endless Void

Captain Diana Discussing Janet

To help Janet get off the ship, players will need to find and convince Captain Diana to let her go. Tracking this quest will mark Diana with a quest objective marker, but she can either be found on the bridge or in her personal quarters attached to it. Speak to Diana and choose one of the options to help convince her: either Persuade her or give her 50 potatoes.

The Persuade option is much easier and cheaper, as getting 50 potatoes will require players to spend a few credits but at many different locations. Potatoes are rarely found and sold in that quantity, with this Persuasion challenge being one of the easier ones in the game. After convincing Diana, return to Janet and give her the good news, and she’ll reward the player with a few old Earth items as a reward.


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