Thinking about becoming a transcriptionist? In this Transcribe Anywhere Review, I’ll go over whether this course is worth it or not. Transcription is a popular work from home job, and there’s a high demand for transcriptionists. Plus, you can make a good income with a home-based business. On average, a general transcriptionist makes about $45,000…

Thinking about becoming a transcriptionist? In this Transcribe Anywhere Review, I’ll go over whether this course is worth it or not.

Transcription is a popular work from home job, and there’s a high demand for transcriptionists.

Plus, you can make a good income with a home-based business. On average, a general transcriptionist makes about $45,000 per year, while legal transcriptionists can earn around $60,000 annually.

You might have heard of Transcribe Anywhere, a popular course for transcription training. It is self-paced training for both general and legal transcription, along with resources to improve your skills and find transcription jobs.

But, is it a worthwhile investment, and is it a worthwhile course to take?

In this Transcribe Anywhere review, I will go in-depth into the details of the course, talk about what’s included, and help you figure out if you should take this course. I’ll also answer some frequently asked questions and talk about six job alternatives related to transcription.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clearer understanding of whether Transcribe Anywhere is the right choice for your career goals.

FREE Workshop: Is a Career in Transcription Right for You?


In this free training, you will learn what transcription is, why it’s a highly in-demand skill, who hires transcriptionists, how to become a transcriptionist, and more.

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Key Takeaways About Transcribe Anywhere

  • A transcriptionist turns audio and video files into text documents. They listen to what’s being said and type it up into a text format.
  • Transcribe Anywhere has in-depth training in general and legal transcription, plus comes with lifetime access.
  • The courses take around 2 to 6 months to finish – they are self-paced, so you can go as slow or fast as you want.
  • The courses will help you to improve your transcription skills, find jobs, and start a business.

Transcribe Anywhere Review

What is transcription?

Transcription is the process of converting spoken language into written text. As a transcriptionist, your job is to listen to audio or video recordings and accurately type the spoken words into text format. This freelance job requires good listening skills to accurately transcribe what is being said.

To be successful as a transcriptionist, you will need to be good at spelling, grammar, punctuation, and maintaining focus over time.

There are many types of transcription jobs available, like general, medical, or legal transcription. As a freelance transcriptionist, you can handle different types of projects and serve various clients.

For transcription, you’ll need a computer with word processing software (like Microsoft Word), quality headphones, a foot pedal for playback, and a comfortable chair for long hours at your desk.

You might be curious, can’t a computer automatically transcribe? Well, computers often make many mistakes when transcribing, so having a human do it is more accurate and dependable.

What is Transcribe Anywhere?

Transcribe Anywhere is an online transcription course created by Janet Shaughnessy. This course helps people learn how to transcribe and work from home. They have two main courses: a general transcription course and a legal transcription course. Both courses are very thorough and easy to follow, making them great for beginners.

You’ll get access to many learning resources, such as audio and video files, practice dictations, and quizzes. This makes sure that you understand what it takes to become a successful transcriptionist.

Transcribe Anywhere has a free training workshop so you can learn the basics and decide if transcription is the right career for you.

Transcribe Anywhere Review

What’s in Transcribe Anywhere?

Below, I will be talking about what is in Transcribe Anywhere.

Transcribe Anywhere courses

Transcribe Anywhere has two main courses: General Transcription: Theory & Practice and Legal Transcription: Theory & Practice.

These courses have many modules which teach a wide range of topics related to transcription and include videos, tutorials, and practical lessons.

In a section below, I will be talking more about the lessons in each course.

How much does Transcribe Anywhere cost?

If you’re considering investing in the Transcribe Anywhere courses, you’re probably wondering about the price.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • General Transcription course – $497
  • Legal Transcription course – $597
  • General & Legal Transcription Bundle (Both Courses) – $797
  • Both Courses + Website & Support + Live Access to the Transcribe Anywhere Team – $2,997 (This is more expensive because it includes both courses, transcription equipment (software, headset, and foot pedal), plus a done-for-you professionally designed website).

There are also payment plans where you can split the cost into 4 payments.

Transcribe Anywhere also can be sampled through a free training: FREE Workshop: Is a Career in Transcription Right for You?

Community and support

Transcribe Anywhere comes with a helpful support group where students can engage in discussions and seek advice. You can connect with others who share your interests, providing valuable insights from individuals at different points in their transcription journey. This community serves as a valuable source of motivation, guidance, and career tips.

This community used to be in a Facebook group, but it was recently moved to a new forum dedicated to Transcribe Anywhere.

How to sign up for Transcribe Anywhere

To purchase Transcribe Anywhere, visit their website and choose the course that best suits what you’re looking for. Whether you’re thinking about General Transcription or Legal Transcription, both courses have a thorough curriculum that will help you find transcription jobs.

Here are the links for the two courses:

So, what is the difference between legal transcription and general transcription?

General transcription involves converting audio and video content into written form, and it is used across various industries like academia, marketing, interviews, and films. On the other hand, legal transcription requires the same skills as general transcription, but it also demands expertise in legal terminology and documentation.

Below is more information about each course:

General Transcription course

General Transcription course

The General Transcription course is a training course in transcription to give students a versatile skill set for many different industries. The curriculum covers everything from basic transcription knowledge to perfecting skills for accurate transcriptions.

What’s included in this course?

  • Learn everything you need to know about transcription
  • How-to’s of transcription and software video tutorials
  • Video tutorials, worksheets, printable PDF cheat sheets
  • Tips, tricks, and step-by-step how-to from a 30+ year transcription veteran instructor
  • How to build and market your transcription business
  • Final exam and certificate
  • Inclusion in the Official Graduate Directory (upon passing the final exam)
  • Lifetime access to the entire course and student community

Here is what is in each module:

Module 1 – Laying the Foundation

The first module of the general transcription course teaches you the basics of becoming a transcriptionist. The lessons included are:

  • The Right Equipment You Need For the Job
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Standard vs. Strict Verbatim
  • Types of GT Jobs
  • Formatting a Transcript
  • Cyber Security

Module 2 – Essential Skills for Excellent Transcription

This module teaches you the correct usage of punctuation, spelling, and more so that you can provide high-quality and accurate transcriptions. The lessons included are:

  • Parts of Speech
  • Sentences, Fragments, and Run-ons
  • Phrases
  • Clauses
  • Punctuation Makes Perfect
  • Punctuation Practice
  • Spelling: The Lost Art
  • Transcribing Numbers
  • Miscellaneous Transcription Conventions

Module 3 – Time-saving Tools for Efficient Transcription

This module teaches you different ways to work faster so that you can make more money. The lessons included are:

  • Using Text Expanders and Shortcut Keys
  • Shortcut Keys for the Top 102 Most Frequently Used English Phrases
  • Spell Check, Search & Replace, Modern Usage Notes
  • Commonly Used Transcriptionist’s Notes
  • Using Transcription Templates (includes downloadable templates)
  • How to Download Practice Transcription Files (video tutorial)
  • Time Coding
  • Midterm Exam

Module 4 – Introduction to Practice Dictations

Module 4 is all about practicing your transcription skills. There are several practice lessons along with an answer key so that you can check your work.

  • Level 1 Practice Dictations: Clear audio in simple, short videos
  • Level 2 Practice Dictations: Audio-only Files; Non-American English accents
  • Level 3 Practice Dictations: Transcribing “Strict Verbatim” Style
  • Level 4 Practice Dictations: Transcribing Multiple Speakers
  • Level 5 Practice Dictations: Semi-Poor Audio Quality & Research Skills
  • Level 6 Practice Dictations: Working with Time Codes
  • Level 7 Practice Dictations: Transcribing Poor Audio with Foreign Accents

Module 5 – Final Exam and Certification of Completion

This is the module where you take the final exam, and it is graded by a human on the Transcribe Anywhere team. You are given feedback as well so that you know what you can improve on. If you pass the exam (you can take it as many times as needed), you are given a Certificate of Completion.

Module 6 – Building Your Business

This module teaches you how to build your transcription business and goes over topics such as:

  • Income Guidelines and Setting Your Rates
  • How to Handle Finances and Taxes When Working as a Freelance Transcriptionist
  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Customer Service Essentials
  • Connecting with Clients
  • Where to Find Contract Work
  • Top Business Directories for Local Marketing
  • How to Find Clients on YouTube
  • Opportunities for Expanding Your Services

Please click here to learn more about General Transcription: Theory and Practice.

Legal Transcription course

The Legal Transcription course, on the other hand, is tailored for those wanting a specialization. This course dives deep into legal transcription, giving an in-depth understanding of legal terminologies, formats, procedures, etc. Like the General course, this one too is comprehensive; however, it is focused primarily on the legal sector.

Legal transcriptionists are in demand by a range of professionals and organizations, including attorneys, court reporters, academics, insurance companies, and research institutions, among others.

What’s included in this course?

  • 14 full-length training modules
  • Legal transcription style guide plus downloadable templates of legal forms and documents
  • Learn the latest advancements in the world of legal transcription
  • Video tutorials, worksheets, printable PDF cheat sheets
  • Tips, tricks, and step-by-step how-to from a 30+ year transcription veteran instructor
  • Marketing how-to/tutorials
  • Final exam and certificate
  • Inclusion in the Official Graduate Directory (upon passing the final exam)
  • Lifetime access to the entire course and student community
  • BONUS – Transcriptionist Pro Website Theme

Here is what is in each module:

Module 1 – Introduction to Legal Transcription – This module goes over what legal transcription is and goes over the basics.

Module 2 – Tools of the Trade – In this module, software and other tools are discussed. You will learn what equipment you need and where to get it.

Module 3 – Lawyers Litigate; Transcriptionists Punctuate – This module goes over parts of speech, sentences, phrases, punctuation, legal terminology, spelling, and so much more.

Module 4 – Microsoft Word for Legal Transcriptionists – This module teaches students how to notate transcripts, how to use shortcuts to increase typing speed, and more.

Module 5 – Basic Legal Correspondence & Practice Dictation – This module teaches students how to transcribe common documents from lawyers and other legal professionals, such as memos, client consultations, examinations, property deeds, and more.

Module 6 – The Legal Process and Court Procedure – This module helps students better understand the legal process, such as descriptions of types of law, steps in a civil or criminal case, and the anatomy of a court transcript.

Module 7 – Forms and Templates – This module helps students better understand different legal documents that are used in judicial proceedings.

Module 8 – Practice Transcription of Court Proceedings – In this module, students can practice transcribing court proceedings.

Module 9 – Depositions – This module helps students better understand the deposition process. There are also practice audio files that students can work on.

Module 10 – Law Enforcement – Students can practice law enforcement transcripts in this module.

Module 11 – Conferences and Legal Association Meetings – This module is all about how to transcribe legal meetings and conferences.

Module 12 – Time Coding for Legal Transcriptionists – This module teaches students how to transcribe documents that include time stamps.

Module 13 – Resources and Final Exam – This module links to helpful tools and resources such as writing and style guides, legal resources, dictionaries, and more. The final exam is also located in this module.

Please click here to learn more about Legal Transcription: Theory and Practice.

Is Transcribe Anywhere legitimate?

Transcribe Anywhere success stories

Transcribe Anywhere has helped many students start their transcription careers. Many students of Transcribe Anywhere have built successful transcription businesses after completing the course.

Here are some Transcribe Anywhere testimonials:

“I purchased this general transcription training course recently to help me get started in a new career and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. This is an extremely comprehensive course. There’s NOTHING out there like this (believe me, I looked) and it has ALL you need to get started! I highly recommend this course!” – Laura P.

“I took kind of a backward journey to Janet’s course! I started work doing legal transcription several months ago. I took the Transcribe Anywhere course “Legal Transcription: Theory and Practice” as a way to increase my skill set. The course was great! I discovered what I didn’t know, which not only helps me with my current work but also with obtaining my CET certification, which I want to do in the next few months. If anyone is wondering about legal transcription work in general, I can tell you I love it. The work is so interesting to me, and the ability to work from home is wonderful. I have a fairly active family, and I love being able to switch my hours around and work early, late, or weekends if I need to.” – Krista K.

“My husband was recently transferred to another state for work and I cannot join him until my son graduates from high school. This created a financial burden for us as we were going to have a house payment and a rent payment in another state. I needed to generate some income for us quickly but I didn’t want to work outside the home. I began the legal transcription course in April. There were definitely times when I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete the course because it is not easy. However, I knew I needed to do this for my family and I persevered, passing my final exam at the end of July. I began searching for work soon after, and within two weeks was hired on doing government work. Staying the course and completing what I started has allowed me to generate an additional $1600 per month for my family. If you are looking for a reputable course, this is it! Without this course, I would never have been able to work from home and generate this kind of income.” – Tracy R.

You can read more Transcribe Anywhere testimonials here.

Transcribe Anywhere review BBB

Transcribe Anywhere has a positive reputation on BBB with an A+ rating.

Pros and Cons of Transcribe Anywhere

A Transcribe Anywhere review wouldn’t be complete without talking about the pros and cons of Transcribe Anywhere.


  • Well-rounded course material – The courses teach you everything you need to know about starting a transcription business, all from the very beginning.
  • Focused on building a career – The courses at Transcribe Anywhere are not just about learning transcription. They also help students set up a successful transcription business.
  • Flexibility – The self-paced nature of the courses at Transcribe Anywhere lets you learn at your own pace. This can be a benefit for those balancing work, family, or other commitments while pursuing the course.


  • Cost – The courses at Transcribe Anywhere are several hundred dollars, which may be a barrier for some people to begin them.
  • Time commitment – Since Transcribe Anywhere courses teach you everything that you need to know, they do take a decent amount of time to finish at 2 to 6 months.

As you can see, the advantages of Transcribe Anywhere outweigh any potential downsides. The helpful course lessons make it worth the time and cost for many people.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transcribe Anywhere

Below are answers to common questions about Transcribe Anywhere and their courses.

Is Transcribe Anywhere legitimate?

Is Transcribe Anywhere worth it?

Should you take a course to learn transcription if you’re just starting out?

Enrolling in a transcription course can be a good idea for many. This course teaches skills like fast and accurate typing, and how to use transcription software. They can also help you find jobs and kickstart your career.

However, if you’re a quick learner with strong grammar and typing skills, you might find beginner transcription work without needing a course. There are also free resources online, like tutorials and practice tests, to help you get started.

Yet, for specialized and higher-paying transcription jobs, like legal or medical transcription, a course is often necessary.

As long as you’re willing to put in the hard work to master the skill, the courses seem to be worth it.

Who is Transcribe Anywhere for?

Transcribe Anywhere is designed for people looking for a career in transcription or anyone looking to improve their transcription skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced transcriptionist looking to improve your skills, Transcribe Anywhere has helpful training.

How long does Transcribe Anywhere take?

Both the general and legal transcription courses take around 2 to 4 months to finish. The two courses are self-paced, which means you can take as much (or as little!) time as you need to complete them.

Who is Janet Shaughnessy?

Janet Shaughnessy is the founder of Transcribe Anywhere and an experienced transcriptionist. She also runs her own transcription business called Zoom Transcription Services. She created Transcribe Anywhere to teach others the skills needed to become successful transcriptionists and find clients.

How much can a beginner transcriptionist make?

Beginner transcribers’ earnings depend on factors like the company you work for and how fast you can type. Typically, transcriptionists make between $15 to $30 per hour. It’s worth knowing that transcription jobs often pay based on the duration of the audio you’re transcribing. This means that if you have excellent listening and typing skills, you’re likely to complete assignments more quickly, allowing you to make more money. While transcription work won’t make you wealthy, it offers a legitimate way to earn money from home with the flexibility to structure your workweeks.

This is an online typing job that depends a lot on how fast you can type – the faster you can type, the more money you can most likely make.

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Is there a free trial or sample course available for Transcribe Anywhere?

Transcribe Anywhere has free training: FREE Workshop: Is a Career in Transcription Right for You?

FREE Workshop: Is a Career in Transcription Right for You?


In this free training, you will learn what transcription is, why it’s a highly in-demand skill, who hires transcriptionists, how to become a transcriptionist, and more.

Is Transcribe Anywhere accredited?

General and legal transcription programs do not have national accreditation. But, Transcribe Anywhere is recognized as an approved school by the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT).

How does Transcribe Anywhere compare to other transcription courses?

Transcribe Anywhere has received a lot of positive reviews for its very helpful courses and is often said to be the best transcription course out there.

Jobs similar to transcription

In this section, we’ll look at some jobs similar to transcription.


Bloggers write content on different topics, such as finance, travel, lifestyle, food, and more. There is a lot of typing involved as a blogger, which is what makes it a little similar to transcribing.

I have been blogging for over 10 years, and it’s my favorite way to work from home. Highly recommend it!

If you are interested in becoming a blogger, I recommend signing up for the How To Start A Blog FREE Course. In this free course, I show you how to create a blog, from the technical side to earning your first income and attracting readers.

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If you’re skilled at spotting grammar and punctuation mistakes, proofreading could be an ideal job for you. As a proofreader, your role is to review written material, making sure that it’s free from any grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors.

If you are interested in finding online proofreading jobs, I recommend signing up for this free 76-minute workshop all about how to start a freelance proofreading business. You can sign up for free here.

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Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) provides administrative, technical, or creative support to clients from a remote location (such as their home office). VAs may handle emails, schedule appointments, or manage social media accounts.

If you are interested in finding part-time virtual assistant jobs or even full-time ones, I recommend signing up for the free workshop 5 Steps To Become a Virtual Assistant. Here, you will learn how to become a virtual assistant, even if you have no experience.

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If you are fluent in two or more languages, working as a translator might be a great fit for you. As a translator, you’ll be converting written text from one language to another while preserving the meaning and context.

Freelance writer

Freelance writers write articles, blog posts, ebooks, or even social media content for clients.

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Bookkeepers are responsible for helping businesses take care of their finances, such as by tracking receipts and spending. 

If you are interested in finding online bookkeeping jobs, I recommend signing up for this free workshop all about finding a virtual bookkeeping job. Here, you will learn how to start a freelance bookkeeping business. You can sign up for free here.

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Transcribe Anywhere Review – Summary

I hope you enjoyed this Transcribe Anywhere review.

If you want to become a transcriptionist, then the two courses sold by Transcribe Anywhere are a great place to start your new career.

Transcribe Anywhere’s courses help you turn your transcription skills into a career. They teach not only transcription but also how to find good-paying clients and run your business successfully.

These courses benefit anyone seeking a flexible remote job. Whether you’re a mom wanting to work while your kids are at school, a retiree wanting to boost your income, or a digital nomad looking for a reliable source of income on the move, Transcribe Anywhere can help you reach your goal.

A great free resource is FREE Workshop: Is a Career in Transcription Right for You? You’ll learn what transcription is and why it’s a highly in-demand skill, who hires transcriptionists, what it takes to become one, and more.

Do you want to become a transcriptionist? Do you have other questions for this Transcribe Anywhere Review?

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