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The beauty world is a playground for creativity and individuality. Especially when it comes to lips, you can experiment, mix and match to find the trend that suits your personality and occasion. We bring you the top five to choose from.

Latex Lips
The glossy appeal of ‘latex lips’ has quickly become the go-to option for those who want to make a bold statement. This trend emulates the shine and texture of latex, leaving your lips looking as if they have been dipped in a liquid finish. Get this look by prepping your lips with a primer. Then, outline and fill it using a lip pencil in your chosen colour. After that, apply matte lipstick in a matching shade to cover it evenly. To create the signature high-shine latex effect, use a clear lip gloss and a brush to outline your lips and then fill them in. You are ready to turn heads anywhere, everywhere.

Honey Lips
Inspired by the sweetness of honey, it promises a delightful and non-sticky lip transformation with just two key ingredients: gloss and golden eyeshadow. Begin by exfoliating your lips to create a smooth canvas. Apply golden eyeshadow to the centre of your lips for a shimmery effect. Use a neutral or pinkish liner to define it, optionally topping with a nudish lipstick. Finally, the pièce de résistance is the gloss, which gives it a luscious, honey-dripped appearance. For added charm, opt for a gloss with a subtle goldish tint or lip oil with hydration.

Brownie-Glazed Lips
Hailey Bieber, who coined ‘brownie glazed lips’, featuring the 90s’ trend of luscious deep brown shades and a glossy finish, was accused of appropriating a technique that has been loved by Latina, Black and brown women for decades. While Bieber didn’t claim that she invented the lip combination, other users who are recreating the look credit her as their muse. To achieve the look, start by applying a brown lip liner or pencil that matches your natural skin tone. Outline the edges and add a small line in the centre of both your upper and lower lips. Then, gently blend the colour inwards with your fingertip to create a gradient effect. To complete it, apply a clear lip gloss. The result: a style that is both seductive and sophisticated.

Weird Girl Lips
For those who march to the beat of their own drum, the ‘weird girl lips’ trend offers an unconventional take on lip makeup. It encourages embracing your inner eccentric with bold, offbeat colours such as metallic blues, greens, purples, grey and even black, challenging traditional beauty norms. 

For instance, outline your lips with a lavender lip liner. Next, fill it in with electric blue lipstick, ensuring even coverage. The magic happens when you gently blend the two, creating a gradient effect.

Cloud Lips
Cloud lips is a dreamy, ethereal trend that will transport you to a sky filled with cotton candy clouds. Hues like baby pinks, pink nudes, cool reds, oranges, or plum colours are the perfect choice for this look. Start by applying the lipstick, and then use your finger to gently dab and blend the colour, creating a cloud-like effect that mimics the natural staining of lips. The idea is to recreate the look of lips that have been playfully smudged after a kiss.

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