Meet Devita Saraf, Who Revolutionised Indian TV Business And Became CEO At 24


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Last Updated: December 01, 2023, 18:15 IST

Devita belongs to a business family.

Devita Saraf started her career in business at Zenith Computers under the guidance of her father.

Devita Saraf is the founder, chairman and the CEO of Vu Televisions. The company, which she founded at the age of 24, is now collecting a revenue of over Rs 900 crore annually. This success, which has made her one of the self-made millionaires in the world, didn’t come to her easily. She had to wait many years to convert her idea into a profitable business. Her company did a business of Rs 30 crore in the first 8 years; whereas in the next 4 years, it touched an annual revenue of Rs 900 crore. The company aims to touch the mark of Rs 1000-crore this year.

Devita Saraf hails from Mumbai. She is the daughter of Rajkumar Saraf, who was the chairman of Zenith Computers. She completed her education at the University of Southern California. Devita already belonged to a business family. Due to this, she was always inclined towards this occupation. She started her career in this field from Zenith Computers under the guidance of her father. She was named the director of marketing for this company at the age of 21.

To prepare for a better future, Devita pursued an Online Program Management course from the Harvard Business School. After this, she decided to form her own television company. She founded Vu Televisions in 2006. It is an Indian electronics company that manufactures LED TVs and other televisions. It is amongst the top 10 largest-selling TV brands across e-commerce platforms in India.

During an earlier interview, Devita said that she moved back from America to make new technology products for India. The founder of Vu Televisions observed that premium products are usually made by foreign companies, while Indian manufacturers are dependent on cheap products. After starting her organisation, Devita Saraf started using high-quality products and competed with the big companies in the market.

To provide something unique in her product, Devita created an advanced TV by combining the features of TV and computers. In this, D2H channels including YouTube, and OTT platforms can also be enjoyed. The business took some time to bloom, as it was a luxurious product which was not bought by many people in India.

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