Product Review – Get Your Curl On


Hask Curl Care line for soft & smooth curls delivers what it promises. Almost. The range comprises four products—a moisturising shampoo, an intensive deep conditioner, another detangling conditioner, and a defining cream. The products are designed specifically for natural curls, so trying the curly girl method on your straight hair using Hask’s new launches is pointless. But, it is good news for the curly girlies.

The shampoo has a fuzzy fragrance, and cleans the scalp without leaving it or the hair dry. So much so, that you can skip the conditioner on a busy day, without your mane feeling dull and lifeless. But on days you go for the full thing, the conditioner definitely adds an extra dose of hydration without making the hair seem greasy or weighing it down.

Follow it up with the detangling conditioner. Self explanatory, this leave in spray makes the otherwise tiring combing process a cakewalk. The only thing that I did not like in this range was the curl defining cream. While it does the job of restoring the curls post detangling, it leaves a greasy residue on the strands, often making them feel clumpy and the head heavy. Plus, its bleachy smell can be a downer. But all in all, this line is a no-brainer if you are looking to give your curls that extra bounce.

Hask Curl Care line Price: Rs 299 onwards

Available: online

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