Star Ocean The Second Story R: Complete Side Quests List


Are you wanting to know all the side quests in Star Ocean: The Second Story R? Here’s a list to help you out.

Star Ocean The Second Story R is a remake of the PlayStation classic game. Considering the game stays true to the original (while adding some neat features), the game has a large number of side quests that players might not notice while playing the game for the first time. However, if you want to ensure that you 100% complete the game, you are going to want to do these side quests.


I’d Love To See Xenogears Get The Star Ocean Second Story R Treatment

Bring that glorious HD-2d meets 3D goodness to the Xenogears!

While these side quests are important, they aren’t the only side content that you can find in the game. There are also hundreds of Challenge Missions that players can partake in, which will give you even more hours of fun! Here is a list of every known Guild Mission (side quests) in the game.

All Star Ocean The Second Story R Side Quests

Star Ocean Second Story R featurings amazing HD2D meets 3D graphics

As mentioned above, most of the side quests that you will be completing in Star Ocean The Second Story R will be from the many Guild Missions that you are given throughout the game. Each time you find a new Guild, you can check out the missions that they have available and add to your ever-growing pile of side quests to take on. This means that you will certainly want to make sure you are checking out as many Guilds as possible. Here’s a list of the known Guild Missions in the game.

Alchemy Mission 1

Alchemy Mission 2

Appraising Mission 1

Appraising Mission 2

Art Mission 1

Art Mission 2

Art Mission 3

Blacksmith Mission 1

Blacksmith Mission 2

Bodyguard Mission

Bunny Call Mission

Compound Mission 1

Compound Mission 2

Compound Mission 3

Cooking Mission 1

Cooking Mission 2

Cooking Mission 3

Cooking Mission 4

Crafting Mission 1

Crafting Mission 2

Crafting Mission 3

Customization Mission 1

Customization Mission 2

Familiar Mission

Fishing Mission 1

Fishing Mission 2

Fishing Mission 3

Machinist Mission 1

Machinist Mission 2

Machinist Mission 3

Music Mission

Scouting Mission

Survival Mission

Training Mission

Writing Mission 1

Writing Mission 2


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