Starfield: Due In Full Walkthrough


The Due In Full quests will have players tracking down and collecting payments for the Galbank in Starfield; here’s how to complete these quests.

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Starfield offers players all sorts of side quests to complete, with the random generation of the galaxy also playing a role in where these quests are completed. The main story is where this is most clear, as players will be traveling to different systems to find Starborn Temples.


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Main quests aren’t the only quests affected by the random generation, as side quests can also have players traveling to different locations from others, and even different for New Game Plus playthroughs. Despite the random element of many missions in Starfield, it’s important for players to know how to complete these missions.

How To Find Targets

The Due In Full Mission In The Menu

Due In Full is a series of side quests that can be accepted from Landry in the Galbank in the Commercial District of New Atlantis. By offering to help Landry, he’ll give the player locations of people who need to pay their debt to Galbank, either through credits or their death.

Each of these four targets will be randomly spawned somewhere in the galaxy, making it important for players to know where they are headed next. After speaking to Landry and getting a new target to track down, go to the quest menu and find “Due In Full.” Select the mission and press the button for “Show On Map” at the bottom of the screen. This will list the current target’s location on your system map, letting players know exactly where to go next.


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How To Handle Each Target

Dieter Maliki Getting His Debt Collected

Each of the four targets players are collecting debts from will be a different and unique experience, with players able to collect the debt in different ways should they desire. No matter what way a debt is collected, players will return to Landry to complete the mission and collect the reward.

Target Name

Ways To Handle Them

Dieter Maliki

  • The Persuade option can have him pay peacefully if the check is completed.
  • Either asking him to pay you off or saying it’ll be the hard way will result in a fight and Maliki needing to die.

Delinquent Spacer

  • The Spacer will refuse to cooperate, and a space battle will commence to collect the debt.

Delinquent CEO

  • All enemies in the compound the CEO is hiding in will need to be killed, with the CEO gladly paying the debt after being saved.

Delinquent Mercenary

  • Killing the mercenary will directly complete the quest as usual.
  • Not killing him and telling Landry will have him understand and still reward the player the same as usual.
  • Offering to pay the 10,000 credit debt will have the mercenary give the player a unique pistol only obtained through this method, which has a value of roughly 10,000 credits.


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