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Baldur’s Gate 3 undertook the monumental task of bringing the world of Dungeons and Dragons to a video game setting. While this has been done before by other developers with varying degrees of success, Larian’s attempt at this is unique in its widespread appeal.


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As a progression fantasy, the tabletop version of Dungeons and Dragons allows players to reach level 20. Players might be wondering what the max level in BG3 is, as level 20 in D&D is when players become basically world-ending deities. Is it possible to do the same in BG3?

Max Level Is 12

leveling up to max level 12 in bg3

Level 12 is the max level you can reach in Baldur’s Gate 3’s default campaign. After a character reaches this threshold, they stop gaining experience and levels completely. This is by design. The end-game of BG3 only has enemies and encounters that are balanced to be handled by someone at level 11 or 12. You can even easily clear the final fight of the game with a full party of level 11 characters in balanced mode.

Larian has also made sure you never really feel the sting of being limited by levels in the game by carefully calibrating how much experience is available in the game. Act 1, which is the longest act in the game, only allows characters to reach level 6 if they explore everything inside Act 1. This means if you take the Underdark route to reach Act 2, you’ll be level 4-5 at most. If you then go back and explore the Mountain Pass as well (which is completely optional at this point), you’ll end up at around level 6.


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What this boils down to is that there is only so much experience to go around. Act 1 is designed to be cleared by Level 1-6 characters; Act 2 is for Level 6-8 characters, and by the time you explore everything there is to see in Act 3, you should barely be able to reach Level 12 in time for the final fight.

The level cap was revealed by Larian even before the game came out, and the reasoning for it has been made clear. In D&D, Level 13 is when players start getting access to 7th Level Spells. These include spells like Plane Shift, Project Image, and Reverse Gravity, among others. The effects of higher spells start becoming more and more ridiculous and almost impossible to recreate in a video game setting. This is the reason why the level cap was introduced and why it’s likely to stay that way.

How To Increase Max Level

level 20 multiclass mod screenshot in bg3

If you’re really bummed out by the level cap and want to see what would happen if your level exceeded the max level in Baldur’s Gate 3, there is a mod that does just that. Level 20 (Multiclass) is a mod by mod creator Malcroix available on Nexusmods that allows you to increase your level past the Level 12 limit to a maximum of 20 via multiclassing.

The way it works is that if you use the already present multiclassing mechanic in Baldur’s Gate 3 and level classes other than your primary class. Say your primary class is a Wizard. In the base game, a level 12 Wizard is strong, yes, but what if he had 2 levels in Fighter, 3 levels in Rogue, and three levels in Sorcerer? Now, that same Wizard has Action Surge from the Fighter Class, Sneak Attack from Rogue, and two Metamagics from the Sorcerer Class. Incredibly overpowered.


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But, as mentioned before, there is only so much experience to go around in the game. With the way the base game works, there would be no point in increasing the level cap if we can’t get the experience necessary to level up. To solve this problem, Malcroix has made three versions of the mod.

  1. Regular leveling – Experience required to level up is the same as in the base game. Using this method, we could, at most, reach level 14 with multiclassing if we squeeze every last ounce of experience out of the game.
  2. Faster leveling – Experience required to level up is halved across the board. Meaning you should be able to reach levels 8-9 by the end of Act 1, 13-14 by the end of Act 2, and levels 18-19 by the end of Act 3.
  3. Instant leveling – Leveling up only requires 200 experience for each level. This is meant to give players a quick way to test the game. It’s not really recommended for a complete playthrough, as you can reach level 20 halfway through Act 1 with this option.


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