Where To Cash Coins For Free Near Me


Looking to know where to cash coins for free near you? Saving coins can be a great way to save money without even noticing it. However, when you end up with a jar full of loose change, finding an easy way to cash in your coins without paying a fee can feel like a challenge….

Looking to know where to cash coins for free near you?

Saving coins can be a great way to save money without even noticing it. However, when you end up with a jar full of loose change, finding an easy way to cash in your coins without paying a fee can feel like a challenge. Places that have free coin cashing services do exist, so you can enjoy the full value of the money that you have saved.

In this article, I will be talking about places where you can exchange your coins for free near you. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of using Coinstar machines and tips on how to find coin exchanges in your area. Rolling coins might be an option for you too, and I will explain how to wrap coins as well.

Key Takeaways

  • Several places will cash coins without charging a fee.
  • Local banks and credit unions are a great choice for coin exchange.
  • Coinstar machines are a popular option but may come with a fee. They do have many no fee e-gift cards, though.
  • Rolling your coins and using free services from banks can save you money.

9 Places To Cash Coins For Free (Or Cheap!)

Finding the right place to exchange your coins can make a big difference. It’s not just about convenience, it’s about keeping more of your money too. Many people hoard coins without realizing the actual value. Dumping your coins into the first machine you see can cost you.

Did you know that some coin exchange machines charge up to 11.9% to convert your change into cash? If you have $100 in coins, that’s nearly $12 lost. It might not seem like much initially, but imagine losing $12 for every $100 in coins you have.

That’s why it’s important to choose the best place to convert your coins into cash. Below are the best places to cash coins for free near you.

1. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a popular bank that allows you to cash your coins for free if you are a customer. You can visit your local branch and ask the teller for help with processing your coins to get cash in return.

2. Credit unions

Credit unions are similar to banks and also have coin exchange services for their members at no additional cost. There are some credit unions that don’t charge for nonmembers as well, so you may be able to call around and see if there is one near you that can exchange your coins for cash for you.

3. Bank of America

As one of the largest banks in the United States, Bank of America allows its customers to cash coins for free. They do require that your coins be rolled, so you will have to remember to do that first.

4. Chase

Chase is another popular banking institution where you can cash your coins without any extra fees. However, you need to be a Chase customer to access this service. Before you go, though, make sure to check Chase’s branch location to make sure that they accept coins as there are some locations that do not.

5. US Bank

If you have an account with U.S. Bank, you can cash your coins free of charge. Just bring your coins and account details to the branch, and their staff can help you. You don’t even need to roll your coins either.

6. QuikTrip

QuikTrip is a convenience store and gas station chain that often allows you to cash your coins for free. Depending on the location, QuikTrip may or may not charge service fees for coin exchanges. QuikTrip’s coin exchange program is a great option for those who need to cash coins quickly without the hassle of becoming a bank member.

They do this because there is a shortage of coins, and they are in need of coins. I do recommend rolling them ahead of time so that you are saving everyone time.

7. Target

Target stores with Coinstar machines allow you to cash your coins for a fee (generally 11.9% or more). Coinstar machines are convenient and can be found in many places.

8. Citi Bank

As a large financial institution, Citibank also permits its customers to cash coins for free. Visit your local branch with your account details and coins, and their staff will help you with converting your coins into cash.

9. Coinstar coin counting machines

I wanted Coinstar to have its own section in this article because it is so well-known as a coin counting machine. Whether you have just some loose change or if you have a busting piggy bank, Coinstar does make it easy.

Below, I will be diving further into Coinstar. And, yes, there is a way to use these coin counting machines near you for free.

What is Coinstar?

Coinstar is a service that has coin counting machines, commonly found in grocery stores, retailers, and more. These kiosks make it easy for you to convert loose change into cash, gift cards, or even donate to charity.

Charity options include the American Red Cross, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Make-A-Wish, NAACP, The Humane Society of the United States, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and more.

How to find Coinstar machines

To locate a Coinstar kiosk near you, simply use Google Maps or visit Coinstar’s website and access their Coinstar Kiosk Locator. I used their locator and I found 30 Coinstar machines within just around 30 minutes of me – so there are probably a few coin counting machines near you as well!

There are Coinstar coin sorter machines at Walmart, Safeway, CVS, Winn-Dixie, local credit unions, Target, and more.

Coinstar fees

While it’s convenient to use Coinstar to count and exchange your coins, it’s important to know of the fees associated with cashing in your change when using their machines. Coinstar charges an 11.9% coin processing fee when you convert your coins into cash.

How do I avoid Coinstar fees?

There is a way to cash in your coins at a Coinstar counting machine for free.

If you choose an e-gift card option instead of cash, coin counting is free at most locations in the United States. With a wide variety of eGift Card options from popular stores and restaurants, you can avoid the fees while still benefiting from your collected coins. Some of the places where you can get Coinstar gift cards include AMC Movie Theaters, Amazon, Apple, Cabela’s, Dominos, DoorDash, Lowe’s, Starbucks, Chili’s, Nike, GameStop, Applebee’s, Outback Steakhouse, and more.

How does Coinstar work?

Cashing in your coins is easy with Coinstar. You simply:

  1. Find a Coinstar coin machine near you.
  2. Put your coins into the machine.
  3. Choose to get cash (which has around an 11.9% fee), receive a no-fee gift card, or give a charity donation.
  4. Check the return tray for any coins that were rejected.
  5. Receive your payment. If you chose cash, then you will receive a voucher that you will need to redeem, and you should redeem it on the same day. If you chose a gift card, you can use the unique code printed at the top of the voucher anytime to redeem your gift card.
Where To Cash Coins For Free Near Me - 9 Best Places

How to roll coins

If you want to turn your coins into cash, then you may want to learn how to roll coins.

Rolling coins can be an easy way to organize and store your loose change, making it easier to cash them in for free at banks or credit unions. This can help you save on any fees that might be charged by coin counting machines.

First, gather all the coins you’d like to roll. Separate them by denomination (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters) to make the process easier. Next, you’ll need coin rolls, which are paper or plastic tubes designed to hold a specific number of coins. You can often find these at your local bank or credit union, or buy coin wrappers online on Amazon. These rolls not only help you keep track of your savings but also make it easier for places to accept your coins.

Once you have your coin rolls, start filling them with the appropriate coins. Be sure to use the correct roll for each denomination, as follows:

  • Pennies: 50 per roll
  • Nickels: 40 per roll
  • Dimes: 50 per roll
  • Quarters: 40 per roll

After filling the rolls, fold or twist the open ends to secure the coins inside. It’s important to have the correct number of coins in each roll to have accurate counting when you take them to the bank.

Now that your coins are rolled, you can cash them in for free at various locations. Banks and credit unions are often the best places to exchange coins, especially if you’re an account holder. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and confirm that they accept rolled coins. Some institutions may have specific requirements for accepting rolled coins, such as labeling the rolls with your account number or providing a deposit slip.

In addition, some stores or gas stations might cash coins for free during a coin shortage, like QuikTrip. Be sure to keep an eye out for such opportunities in your area.

By taking the time to roll your coins, you’re not only organizing your spare change but also potentially improving your overall savings. Rolling coins is a simple process that can provide a great way to turn your loose coins into cash without any additional fees.

Frequently Asked Questions About Where To Cash Coins For Free

Below are answers to common questions about where to cash coins for free.

Where can I cash in coins for free?

You can cash in coins for free at several banks, credit unions, and some stores. Banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and U.S. Bank are known to have this service. Additionally, some credit unions (like American Eagle Federal Credit Union and Westerra Credit Union) and QuikTrip stores also have free coin exchanges.

Where can I find a free coin counting machine?

Free coin counting machines can be found at certain banks and credit unions, as well as some stores like QuikTrip.

Do all banks cash coins for free?

Not all banks have free coin-cashing services, and this service depends on the bank and whether or not you hold an account with them. Some banks may charge noncustomers a fee for coin-cashing services while providing the same for their customers free of cost.

Which banks offer free coin exchange services?

Banks that have free coin exchange services include Bank of America, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, Citibank, Capital One, Chase, Citizens Bank, PNC Bank, TD Bank, and more. Credit unions can also be a great option for exchanging coins without a fee.

Are coin sorting and counting machines accurate?

Yes, most coin sorting and counting machines are accurate. However, like all machines, there may be a margin of error, and the accuracy can also largely depend on the specific machine and its maintenance.

Are there any alternatives to Coinstar for cashing in coins?

Yes, there are alternatives to Coinstar for cashing in coins. Going to a bank, credit union, or QuikTrip store can be a better option, as many have free coin counting machines and exchanges, but you should always call ahead to make sure they will change your coins into cash.

How much does Coinstar take out of $100?

Coinstar charges a fee of around 11.9% for cashing in your coins. So, if you cash in $100 worth of coins, Coinstar would take about $11.90, leaving you with $88.10 in cash.

Does Walmart have free coin exchange services?

Walmart doesn’t have free coin exchange services themselves, but some locations have Coinstar coin counter machines. Keep in mind that Coinstar charges a fee, but you can avoid this by choosing a gift card option instead.

Are there any free coin deposit options at Bank of America?

Bank of America has free coin deposit options for its customers. However, you should call your local branch beforehand to make sure they have a coin counting machine available, as not all locations may provide this service.

How To Find Free Coin Counting Machines Near You – Summary

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to find the best places to cash coins for free.

Finding free coin counting machines near you can help you turn your loose change into cash or even gift cards without any additional fees. The best places to turn your coins into cash include:

  • Local banks and credit unions – Many banks and credit unions have free coin counting services for their customers.
  • QuikTrip gas stations – QuikTrip has gas stations across 11 states, with 800 locations in total. Some of these locations have free coin counting and exchange services to make up for the coin shortage. You can check the availability of coin counting machines at your local QuikTrip by giving a location a call.
  • Retailers with coin counting machines – Some stores have coin counting machines that can be used for free or for a very low fee.

As you look for free coin counting machines near you, remember to give them a call first. The fees or services will vary so you will want to check with them directly first.

When was the last time you turned your coins into cash?

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