Where To Find The Ixyll System


The Ixyll system is a high level system with some unique things for players to see in Starfield; here’s where to find it.

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Starfield has dozens of systems for players to visit; each has their own unique planets and locations to see. While not every planet has a unique location, they all have their own reasons to be visited, be it for mining rare resources or tracking down a specific creature.


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The Ixyll system is a high-level system players should visit later in the game, and it won’t be reachable by just any ship. For those able to visit this system and are strong enough to handle what it has in store, there are a few unique things for players to explore.

Where To Find The Ixyll System

The Ixyll System In The System Map

The Ixyll system is found towards the upper-middle section of the galaxy map. While it seems to be close to other systems, players will need to travel to the Rutherford system down and to the right of Ixyll to be able to jump to it. This jump requires a 16-lightyear jump range and will take up about 23 units of fuel. The Ixyll system isn’t owned by any major faction, and players will only need to worry about the occasional spacer patrol when exploring the orbits of each planet.


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What’s In The Ixyll System

Ixyll II On The System Map

The Ixyll system is a very dense system, with 9 planets and 17 moons for players to explore. Between all of these locations, the Ixyll system offers all sorts of materials to be mined and planets to be surveyed. The system has a recommended level of 40, but much of the wildlife on these planets doesn’t pose much of a threat and is easily farmed for XP.

The most noteworthy locations within this system are on Ixyll II and Ixyll IX. Ixyll II is a very safe planet, with breathable air that can be explored without a spacesuit should players desire. This planet is the location of the Eleos Retreat, a rehabilitation camp for ex-cons, but one worker went missing before the Retreat opened. The other unique location is a mysterious ship in orbit over Ixyll IX that is worth players checking out.


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