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Endless Dungeon has made a name for itself with its mix of horde survival and tower defense mechanics. Similar to many other roguelites, a large part of the game is about preserving your resources for the final boss fight. Each run into the Core in Endless Dungeon will get more difficult, and at times, it can feel almost impossible. If you’re not prepared for it, it’s very easy to run out of resources when you need it, or find yourself hopelessly outmatched against oncoming waves of monsters because your characters are too weak.

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If you’re struggling to make it past the first few stages, or if you’re brand new to the game, then we’ve got tips to help you on your journey to the Core. These tips will focus on general things any player can do to have an easier time surviving through waves or defending their Crystal Bot.

10 Look For & Capitalize On Choke Points

It Will Save Your Team On Harder Difficulties

  • Look for hallways that all of the enemies will have to funnel into to reach your Crystal bot and your generators
  • The character with the highest damage on your team should be the one to hold these

Choke points are the lifeblood of an efficient run. They’re the best way to survive waves, preserve resources, and keep yourself (and your robot friend) safe.

In this game, choke points are areas where almost all of the enemies have to move through to get to you, your robot, or your generators. Finding a perfect choke point in this game is rare, and useful choke points can be fleeting at times as more doors get opened. Regardless, always keep an eye out for them.

When you do find one, build your defenses there or place your high DPS characters there. Now, instead of building multiple turrets to watch each respawn point, you can watch over several respawn points with just a handful of turrets. If you’re putting a character there, make sure you can handle the large number of enemies that will be heading in your direction.

9 Make Your Own Choke Points

Get Creative With Doors & Pathing

  • Enemies will always take the shortest route to your generators or your Crystal bot, so be careful with which doors you’re opening
  • Moving the Crystal Bot to a new slot will also help create more advantageous choke points

When you’re running around opening doors and you find a spawn room, look at the map and look at how it’s going to path toward your robot or your generators. If you notice that there’s an unopened door connecting two hallways together, don’t open it. You’re trying to create a natural choke point somewhere else in the enemy’s pathing, and opening that door will give them a shortcut past your turrets.

Alternatively, if you open a door to a room where you have to move the Crystal Robot into, take note of how many choke points you can create by moving to the new room. If it naturally funnels all of the spawns into 1 or 2 hallways, move the Crystal Bot there first, then continue exploring.

8 Don’t Open Multiple Doors In A Single Room

You’re Trying To Create Choke Points

  • Open one door in each room until you reach a dead end or a generator.
  • This forces monsters to funnel down one hallway to get back to your Crystal bot

When you start a run or jump into a new room, you’ll be faced with rooms that have multiple doors leading in opposite directions. If you’re in single-player, choose one door and continue going down that path. This way, if you hit an enemy spawn room, they’ll all follow down a single hallway back toward your crystal bot, creating a natural choke point.

However, this changes when you find a generator. Since enemies will flow toward the Crystal Bot and generators, it’s better to stop exploring in your chosen direction if you find a generator and no nearby spawn rooms yet. In that scenario, head back to the Crystal Bot and choose another doorway to travel down. This way, if you find a spawn room in this new hallway, its enemies will move toward the Crystal Bot and ignore your generator.

7 Given The Choice, Long-range Turrets Are Usually Better

Long-range Turrets Are Just Efficient At Their Jobs

  • Long-range turrets hit enemies more frequently causing enemies will stay in their range longer.
  • Not as vulnerable to anti-turret enemies

Longer range means the turret will fire sooner, and fire more often than other turrets because the enemies will be in their range for a longer time. Turrets like the Long-range Acid Shooter are perfect examples of this, where they can cover an entire hallway practically on their own, but their downside is a slow fire rate. Their damage, range, and sometimes, piercing shots more than make up for this weakness, however.

Long-range also gives these turrets a better chance at stopping enemies before they get too close, which also lessens the need for a Hero to be there to heal them. Just remember that some special enemies are more than capable of killing turrets by getting close to them, and long-range turrets in the back of a room have a better chance of murdering these enemies before they get too close.

6 Pay Attention To The Danger Meter

It Can Clue You In On What To Do Next

  • The danger meter in the bottom right tells you when a wave is about to hit
  • Start research, move the crystal, or perform any other action that will trigger a wave during this time since a wave is unavoidable

As you open doors, the meter just above the map on your bottom right will change from “Safe” to “Danger.” Make note of when this happens because when it hits “danger” it means a wave is imminent, and any one of your steps can trigger it. There are a few options to do during this time. First, start any research, crystal movements, or any other action that will summon up a wave. If you’re going to get hit by a wave, you might as well accomplish something along with it anyway.

Second, bunker down and prepare. If you know the wave is coming, it gives you time to prepare and get into the right position to brace for it. Opening more doors during a wave also won’t raise your danger meter any higher cause it’s already at max, so be sure to take this time to keep exploring and hope you don’t hit an unfortunately placed monster spawn.

5 Be Mindful Of Elemental Weaknesses & Resistance

It’s The Best Way To Maximize Your Damage!

Acid damage against blobs in Endless Dungeon

  • Get to know what element each enemy is weak and resistant to
  • If you’re not sure what element to use, stick with a kinetic weapon

Each enemy has an element they’re weak to and an element they’re strong against. Here are the weaknesses and strengths of each enemy type:
















Match your weapon or your turret’s element to the enemy’s weakness type and avoid weapons the enemies are resistant to. When in doubt, keep a kinetic weapon with you since they are neutral against all enemies.

You can also check what enemies you’ll be facing on each floor by looking at the map.

4 Grab A Light Weapon As You Get Closer To The Core

You’re Assured To Fight Blurs Near And In The Core

  • The second to last boss will summon Blurs
  • Blurs will appear in every run after stage 2

As you get closer to the Core, you’ll notice that Blur enemies will start appearing on your floors, and won’t stop even after you reach the Core. The final boss may also summon Blurs to fight against you, and Blurs during the later stages of the game are an obnoxious enemy to fight.

To prepare for this, switch to a Light weapon toward stage 3 or when you reach the Core. This will help make Blurs easier to deal with, and you just have to figure out what weapon is best to run in the second slot. A kinetic weapon is also a solid secondary choice here if you’re more concerned with a different enemy type, or if you enjoy your other gun too much to give up.

3 A Balanced Team Composition Will Get You Far

1 Support Hero & 2 Damage Heroes Is Good Start

Hero selection screen in Endless Dungeon

  • While it’s possible for a team full of supports to deal enough damage, it’s an uphill battle
  • Too many damage heroes isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s very unforgiving if you make a mistake

This tip can also read as “don’t run three supports without a plan.” Running 1 support and 2 damage, or 1 support, a damage hero, and someone who is fairly self-sufficient will get you surprisingly far into the game. If you’re unsure what else to run, 3 damage heroes are able to get fairly far if they build for a mix of tankiness and damage.

Bunker is an odd robot in this case since she can tank and taunt enemies to support her allies, but her damage is still high enough to help keep enemies away from the Crystal Bot. She’s very upgrade-hungry though.

2 Hiding Can Keep Squishy Heroes Alive

It’s Okay To Be A Coward!

Hiding behind turrets in Endless Dungoen

  • Turrets can be repaired and can take a hit for you if you hide behind them
  • Generators are similar, but you have to be careful with their health cause you can’t heal generators (unless you have a Comrade on your team)

If you’re playing a squishy hero, or if your hero is low on health, retreat behind turrets or Generators, then make sure you maneuver yourself so the turret or Generator is between you and the enemies. Doing this will force enemies to target the building first, or force projectiles to collide with the buildings instead of you.

For squishy or wounded heroes, this can be a lifesaver since you can repair a Turret’s HP, but you can’t heal your own HP without the right upgrades or a teammate’s help (specifically if someone is running Shroom).

Hiding behind a generator or a turret is a particularly good idea if you have Comrade on your team since he can repair Generators and make turrets to hide behind.

1 Keep An Eye Out For Enemies That Can Destroy Your Turrets Easily

Mortar Bots, Electric Blobs, & All Kinds Of Ranged Enemies

  • Be on the lookout for enemies that are particularly adept at killing turrets
  • These enemies usually have long-range attacks and will sometimes require a player to be present to kill them

Some enemies have all the tools they need to dismantle your turret defenses. Mortar Bots have long-range and indirect shots that can pick apart your turrets without ever triggering their attacks. Electric Blobs have the health to take the first few shots of your turrets before latching onto them and disabling them until they’re destroyed or the Blob dies. Finally, most factions have some form of ranged enemy that can stay out of the range of your mid- and close-range turrets and blast them to bits.

To counter this problem, build your turrets as a mix of long-range and close-range/mid-range. This way, when these enemies turn the corner or try to destroy your turrets, the long-range turrets should cover them. If you notice turrets falling in a particular sector without attacking anything, there’s a good chance one of these enemies has appeared and is now tearing through your defenses. Head over there immediately to destroy them, otherwise, you’ll risk losing all of your turrets down the hallway.

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