Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora – Becoming Quest Walkthrough


Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora is an open-world RPG with a heavy emphasis on exploration and resource collection. It’s a game made for fans of the show, but people unfamiliar with the beloved IP can enjoy the immersive world of Pandora without much issue as well. All you need to know is that the big blue Aliens are the good guys!


Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora – Crush Quest Guide

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The fifth main mission of the game, Becoming, involves some new mechanics that can stump many an expert. Frontiers of Pandora fills the player’s screen with a lot of visual noise to immerse them in the world and doesn’t have much of a HUD, which is great but has an unfortunate side effect of confusing new players whenever something unexpected or new happens.

Starting The Quest

Once you’ve destroyed the mining facility near the Resistance HQ, you’ll be invited to a Tarsyu Flower by your Sarentu brethren. Follow through the cutscene, and you’ll receive a call from Priya over at HQ who’ll want to fill you in regarding your previous quest.

At this point, you’ll unlock the ability to fast travel, though keep in mind that you’ll lose 20% of your energy level, essentially your hunger meter. Climb back the rocky expanse you came from or fast-travel back to HQ to continue the quest after this point.

Once you reach the Resistance Headquarters, you can find Priya in the command center right in front of the main entrance. She will fill you in about the effects of destroying the RDA mining facility, which will show up as a hopeful 1% restoration on the monitor and trigger the side quest to disassemble all RDA mining facilities and rid Pandora of their pollution.

Once she’s done talking, head over to So’lek in the same building and talk to him about your vision. He will direct you to find Nor, who was last seen near the back of the facility, near the Research area. At this time, Pandora will be engulfed in the darkness of night, making navigation a bit harder.

Find Nor By Tracking Him

Find Nor, Investigate The Scene, Becoming, Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

Use your Na’vi sense to find the exact location you’re trying to reach. If you go through the main exit, just climb on top of the facility and walk to your destination. If you fancy a stroll through the inside, you’ll find the back exit on the second floor rather than the first floor. Here’s where the quest gets tricky. You won’t see any signs of your clansmate, prompting a ‘Clues Investigation.’

Here’s what you need to do:

  • When you turn on your Na’Vi sense, it will highlight a plant in the ground, which will turn out to be a Burst Vein Pod Stem. Go close to the stem to inspect it, prompting your character to comment on what could’ve happened.

Find Nor, Investigate The Scene 2, Becoming, Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

  • Just a bit further ahead, you’ll see a highlighted patch on the ground. Interact with it to prompt your character to speculate on what could’ve happened.
  • You’ll get a scent to follow afterward, which will be highlighted in your Na’vi sense.

Find Nor, Scent Disappears, Becoming, Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

Tracking By Intuition

Find Nor, Becoming, Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

After a short hike, you’ll find that the trail ends near a waterfall, meaning you’ll have to track your friend without a helpful visual guide to show you the way. Long story short: Climb up.

Long story long:

  • Climb up a Lift Vine on the left side of the waterfall.
  • Once you’re done climbing, you’ll see bright purple flowers framing a narrow passage to your left. Follow them through the passage and cross a small stream to find another Lift Vine at the end of a narrow tunnel.

  • Keep following the glowing plants as they take you up a winding trail through the mountain. You will need to cross past a river or stream a few times during the hike.

Don’t worry about trying to reach the glowing objective marker. Instead, focus on reaching a higher elevation and following the path before you. It will organically lead you to the top of the cliff where Nor is sitting.

  • After crossing two streams, you’ll come across another climbable Lift Vine, which will lead you down another path to, yet again, a Lift Vine.
  • This is the last section of the hike which will require you to cross a tree root to reach another ledge, crawl through a narrow opening, and climb a fair bit of rocky ledges to reach the cliff where Nor is hiding.

The credits will start to play once you reach this location, letting you know you’re on the right track. After a short bonding session with your fellow Sarantu, a large explosion will rock the land, letting you know that HQ is under attack. This is your cue to jump down the cliff into the water and start running to help out your human friends back at the Resistance HQ.


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Help Out Resistance HQ

Help HQ, Jump Down the Cliff, Becoming, Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

During this section of the game, you’ll have a 7-minute timer to reach and help So’lek fight off the invading RDA mercenaries and mechs. You won’t have time to climb down the normal way. Instead, you need to jump down into the lake below you. Don’t worry, you won’t take fall damage as long as you fall in the water.

You can’t use fast travel during this section of the game

Help HQ, Reach the Resistance, Becoming, Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

  • Don’t be distracted by any fights or enemies on the way to the HQ, they are only there to trip you up and slow you down. Ignore them and keep running.
  • As often as you can, run on top of large vines where you’ll find blue spores that will speed you up on your journey.
  • Use your Na’vi sense to locate HQ, though a large plume of smoke originating from the HQ is also visible from afar.

Help HQ and hold off the RDA, Becoming, Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

Once you reach HQ, you will be handed a new weapon by So’lek, a staff sling that can be used to place traps. Use this alongside your bow to fight off the invading RDA. After you’re done with enemies in that location, Alma will request that you bring her medical supplies from a nearby stash.

Obtain The Medical Supplies

The medical supplies are located near the HQ, to the east of the station. It is easily located using your Na’vi sense and doesn’t require much direction. Dispatch the two enemies you find there and go to the airlock to obtain the medical supplies as well as an Assault Rifle.

Once you obtain the Assault Rifle, you will exit the airlock back outside. Here, Na’vi on top of a flying mount will appear and take out a flying chopper belonging to the RDA, helping you in the process. You won’t have to fight any RDA mercenaries near the supply cache, but you will face them back at the HQ once you make your way back.

Head back to camp and take care of the new enemies that showed up while you were gone. Using the Assault Rifle will let you take out the armored mechs much more easily compared to the bow because of the rapid rate of fire. Since the mechs are fairly large and don’t require a precise aim to hit, the Assault Rifle is a perfect weapon against them.

Human weapons are easier to use and do more damage, but they will spoil any animals you kill with them. Essentially, use your bows for hunting game and your guns for killing humans.

Bring Back The Supplies To Alma

Once you’re done, head to the airlock and hand the supplies to Alma in order to finish the quest. She will use the supplies to save injured humans from the facility. Meanwhile, the mysterious Na’vi who helped you take down an RDA chopper will appear in front of you on her Ikran.

She will introduce herself as Etuwa, a member of the Arahane clan. Though she believes in fighting against the RDA, her clan members, especially the leader of the clan, don’t see eye to eye with her and prefer to remain passive in the conflict. You will then get the mission to make the Arahane see reason and gain their support against the RDA’s invasion of Pandora. This is the next main quest you have to complete in order to progress the story.


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