How To Recruit & Remove Villagers


LEGO Fortnite will bring some interesting characters to youe village. We can tell you how to recruit or remove them from your home!

LEGO Fortnite was teased for a long time, but now it’s finally here for the world to enjoy! It’s an absolute blast to play, whether you’re mixing it up with friends or exploring solo. Players have a whole new world to explore in sandbox or survival mode! The world is extremely large, but with so much to do, there’s no risk of running out of things to do.


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Building up villages is a huge part of enjoying this wonderful new game mode. You’ll have visitors in the form of wandering villagers looking to settle down somewhere. We have everything you need to know about recruiting these new friends or making sure they move along.

How To Recruit Villagers

If you’re looking to recruit a villager, you won’t have to do all that much. Depending on your village level, you’ll be able to house 1-5 villagers simultaneously. Villagers will pass through and stay the night. During that time, you should talk to them. The second time you talk to them, you should have the option to ask them to live there. This is the moment where they will tell you if you need to do something for them to stay. If you need to upgrade your village, they’ll let you know. If they don’t have anywhere to sleep, they’ll let you know that as well. Most of the time, you just need to make sure you have an extra bed for them to claim. Once they claim their bed, a little sign will appear on the bed marking it as theirs. Once this happens, you have a new resident!


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How To Remove Villagers

To remove a villager, all you need to do is break their bed. Rude, right? Just take away their place to sleep and they’ll get the hint. If you talk to the villager, they’ll mention having no place to sleep. They let you know that if they don’t have a bed in five days, they’ll need to pack up and leave. Just be careful crafting beds during this time. When I tried to get rid of a villager, they kept claiming any new beds, even if it was built by a friend.


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