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  • Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 is ending soon, but it has been the best anime experience for fans this year.
  • The Hidden Inventory arc and Shibuya arc have had dark twists and turns that made the season spectacular.
  • Significant events include the deaths of Nobara and Nanami, the sealing of Gojo, and the revelation of Yuji and Choso being brothers.

Jujutsu Kaisen has been delivering back-to-back spectacular episodes in Season 2. Of course, the animation is great, but it’s the dark twists and turns that are making this season even more spectacular. The Hidden Inventory arc made us fall in love with Gojo once again, only to seal the Honored One in the Shibuya Arc. The second season has been one hell of a ride, but sadly, this ride is about to end soon, as Season 2 is closely approaching its end with the release of Episode 21. But one thing is for certain: this was the best experience for anime fans this year. MAPPA did justice to one of the best anime arcs of the Jujutsu Kaisen franchise and the overall anime universe.


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The introduction to Toji Fushiguro, the spectacular fight between Todo, Yuji, and Mahito, and the deaths of Nobara and Nanami are countless such incidents that make it a watch worth remembering. Now, we are headed towards the release of the 21st episode of the series, so it’s time we discuss the schedule it will follow.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

Release Date
October 2, 2020



Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Episode 21 Release Schedule

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20 release date and time

The anticipated Episode 21 of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 will be released on Thursday, December 14, 2023. In Japan, viewers can tune in on MBS and TBS, while global audiences can exclusively stream it via Crunchyroll. Additionally, Netflix will offer the episode in select Asian regions. Release times for the episode will differ by location, so refer to the schedule for precise timings to catch this episode.

Time Zone

Release Time

Pacific Time

9:00 AM (December 14)

Mountain Time

10:00 AM (December 14)

Central Time

11:00 AM (December 14)

Eastern Time

12:00 PM (December 14)

British Time

5:00 PM (December 14)

European Time

6:00 PM (December 14)

Indian Time

10:30 PM (December 14)

Significant Incidents In JJK Season 2 So Far

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 release schedule

In the introduction, we hailed the Shibuya Incident as one of the greatest anime arcs, and for a good reason. The number of significant events that this particular arc brought is incomparable to any other arc in any anime series. Everything that happened in this arc worked as a turning point in the story, from major deaths to the emergence of new and more powerful entities, and its impact is still seen somewhere in the present manga chapters.

The Story Revolving Around Riko Amanai

The story revealing about Riko Amanai

The Gojo Past Arc, which comprised the first few episodes of the second season, revolved around a young and lively high school girl named Riko Amanai. Her importance in the story stemmed from the fact that she was the Star Plasma Vessel, a specific being capable of merging with Tengen.

The episodes also revealed the importance of the not-so-discussed character, Tengen, in the story and how their barriers kept the existence of Sorcerer headquarters a secret from the general public and the Curses. But keeping Riko Amanai safe wasn’t as easy as it sounded, and the contract to kill her was given to Toji Fushiguro.

Toji Fushiguro’s Battles And His Resurrection

Toji Fushiguro battles and his resurrection

Finally, when the day came of Riko’s merger with Tengen, Toji was already present at the Tomb of the Star Corridor, ready to take down Riko and anyone who stopped him from doing his job. Hence, the battle between Toji and Gojo started, where the former almost killed the latter, given his Cursed Energy free body. Gojo’s fate would have been sealed if it wasn’t for his Reverse Cursed Technique. Toji managed to kill Riko Amanai, defeating Geto in the process. Later, Gojo confronted Toji Fushiguro again, finally killing him.


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However, Toji’s story didn’t conclude there; Granny Ogami resurrected him using her summoning technique. Toji returned even more formidable, driven by instinct, and he inadvertently caused the demise of Ogami, Dagon, and nearly Megumi before realizing his madness and sacrificing himself for his son. Well, that was a really emotional moment!

Gojo Finally Sealed

Gojo finally sealed

Now, let’s talk about the most significant event of Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 so far. Together with Jogo, Mahito, Dagon, and a few more Curses, Kenjaku was planning the sealing of Gojo, an act important for the Curses to eradicate humanity. They realized that their plan to annihilate humanity hinged on eliminating Gojo, so they devised a foolproof strategy to trap him within the Prison Realm. Following intense battles claiming numerous innocent lives, Kenjaku successfully caught Gojo off-guard and sealed him as part of their grand plan.

Specific conditions were necessary to seal him, and Gojo’s shock at Geto’s return fulfilled these requirements. This shock momentarily incapacitated Gojo, granting the Prison Realm the window it required to seal Geto successfully. There was another significant moment at the time of sealing, where Gojo called out for Geto, and the latter surprisingly replied by grabbing Kenjaku’s neck. The scene hinted that Geto was somewhere still alive inside Kenny.

Relation Between Choso And Yuji

Relation between Choso and Yuji

While every battle of Jujutsu Kaisen is worth a million dollars, this one in particular broke the internet. Choso’s maneuvers of the Blood Manipulation technique really stole our hearts while beating it rapidly with Yuji’s pummeling in the battle. Choso is determined to take revenge for his fallen brothers, and after a good exchange for some time, Yuji finally loses to Choso.

Thanks to Choso’s ability to get weird visions whenever something major happened with his brothers, Yuji Itadori managed to survive. Ready to deliver the final blow, Choso saw a strange vision where he saw himself enjoying a fine dinner with his brothers. Strangely, Yuji was there in the vision, too, bringing a major revelation in the story that Yuji and Choso were brothers.

Sukuna’s Arrival

Sukuna arrival

This was the moment that evoked both exhilaration and fear among everyone involved. Jogo fed ten fingers to Yuji Itadori, bringing the total count to 15 fingers, after which Sukuna took control of Yuji’s body. With the Disgraced One finally back in the game, death and destruction were bound to happen. Poor Jogo thought Sukuna would praise him for reviving him, but he was given a weird challenge by Sukuna to land a successful hit in exchange for making him work for him (Jogo.)

What’s next? The battle between Sukuna and Jogo was on full display. Jogo’s fiery abilities that would have brought certain death to anyone else were just a game for Sukuna. As the battle came to an end, Sukuna used his mysterious fire abilities to defeat Jogo in his own game and kill him.

Mahoraga Comes Into The Play

Mahoraga comes into the play

Sukuna confided in Jogo about taking everyone’s life except Megumi. Mahoraga’s unique power marked Megumi as the sole individual Sukuna deemed a threat to his life, giving Megumi a special significance in Sukuna’s eyes. In the intense clash against Haruta, Megumi called forth Mahoraga, realizing that summoning this Shikigami was his sole chance at defeating the opponent. Yet, Sukuna intervened just in time, rescuing Megumi from the imminent danger posed by Mahoraga.


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Mahoraga proved a challenging opponent for Sukuna.

The greatest battle of season 2 took place, where we saw the massive destruction of the whole of Shibuya. Sukuna and Mahoraga fought at par with each other, and the latter managed to adapt to his slash techniques. But Sukuna, as always, a man with a plan, sealed Mahoraga within his Domain and killed Mahoraga with the same mysterious fire attack he used against Jogo.

Goodbye Nobara And Nanami

Goodbye Nobara and Nanami

If you ask most Jujutsu Kaisen fans about their most hated Curse within the series, most people will likely choose Mahito over Kenjaku or Sukuna. This guy is responsible for more deaths than any other Curse, which includes some of the major characters. After a fiery clash with Jogo, half his body was burned, yet he still managed to kill a dozen transfigured humans. But, at the end of the hoard was standing Mahito, who touched Nanami and ended his life with Idle Transfiguration.

The same technique was used against Nobara. The poor girl realized that the clone of Mahito couldn’t use his technique by touching her. But Mahito used a blind stop to change his clone for his real self and ended Nobara’s life by exploding her with a mere touch.

Todo’s Bombastic Entry

Todo in JJK Season 2

After witnessing the deaths of Nanami and Nobara, Yuji lost his will to stand up against Mahito. Mahito declares himself to be the ultimate curse and charges toward Yuji, landing a powerful Black Flash attack. Yuji is now physically and emotionally shattered, and Mahito prepares his final attack to kill the boy, but right then, we see Mahito teleporting to a different spot. Guess what? Our boy Todo has finally arrived in JJK Season 2.

Todo gives a pep-talk to remind Yuji that Nanami and Nobara entrusted the safety of others to him. Yuji, back on his feet, teams up with “brother” to fight against the Curse. Todo’s claps make things difficult for Mahito, but the Curse keeps on unleashing new techniques on Yuji and Todo. Ultimately, Mahito, Yuji, and Todo reached 125% of their full potential, hinting at an even more action-packed fight in the coming episodes.

Jujutsu Kaisen Release Date



Where to Watch

October 3, 2020



Crunchyroll, Netflix

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