Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader – Voidship Combat Guide


Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader lets players explore a far-off region of the galaxy at the helm of their personal Voidship. While the Voidship acts as a hub for your party and crew to rest at between exploring planets, it may also come under attack by pirates.


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After completing the first chapter of the game, players will leave the first system and travel elsewhere, where they are attacked by pirates. After this point, Voidship combat will become another mechanic of the game, with a very different combat system.

How Movement Works

The Voidship's Movement In A Turn

In space, Voidships are always moving despite how it may seem in the turn-based combat. Because of this, your ship must move its full distance every turn, but it can be broken up to take shots when needed. When selecting the movement for that turn, there will be three differently colored zones the ship can move to. The first two sections can be stopped in to take a shot before proceeding to either the next or final section.

It is also important to consider which direction your ship is facing, as some weapons only fire from a specific side of your ship, depending on where they are placed. Before moving or when scanning a possible move, hover over each weapon to see which squares it can fire at before deciding where to move the ship. During a turn, the ship can move and shoot up to three different times.

Weapon Systems

One Of The Weapon Systems Of The Voidship

The Voidship has multiple different weapons to be fired at one or multiple ships depending on how the player decides to divvy up the attacks. Each weapon only has a specific range and will require good placement of the ship to fire on an enemy. It is best to focus fire on a single ship at a time when possible, as enemy ships will need to have their shield broken before hull damage is received.

All weapons do the same damage to both shields and the hull, letting players focus fire from all weapons at an enemy ship, no matter if their shields are up or not. Through trading cargo, players can also buy and equip different weapons to match their playstyle, with the location of where a gun can go on the ship staying the same.


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Shield System

The Restart Shields Option During Combat

Both the player’s shields and enemy shields act the same, with a ship having a different shield level for each side of the ship. If damage is received from a direction where the shield of a ship has been depleted, that ship will take hull damage, which is the ship’s true health bar. By moving and angling a ship differently, players are able to utilize all sides of their shields before needing to recharge them.

In a situation where the shields of a ship are depleted and need to be recharged, there is the “Restart Shields” option in the top right of the weapons display at the bottom of the screen. Activating this will fully recharge all shields on the ship at the start of the next turn, leaving it vulnerable for one more turn, but protecting your crew and precious cargo. This can only be done every five turns and will also limit the movement and weapon range of your ship for the following turn if activated.


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